Google search console provides various statistics for how well sites perform in Google search results.

Within search console overall performance statistics include total clicks, total impressions, average CTR (total clicks divided by total impressions), and average position. The following performance statistics apply to the GPWA website:

Total clicks: 4.93K
Total impressions: 653K
Average CTR: 0.8%
Average Position: 34.3

For this week's poll I am curious what values folks see for CTR (click through rate). I know values range all over the place. To me, it is not surprising that the average CTR for the GPWA website is fairly low. There is so much content on so many different topics, that much of the content shows up on search continuation pages, and while the content is often good and on topic, there are huge number of topics that are touched on in the forum where the content will be weak when compared with the right content focused on that specific topic, deserving its position in search result continuation pages.

By comparison, a much smaller niche site I operate has the following statistics:

Total clicks: 8.98K
Total impressions: 108K
Average CTR: 8.3%
Average Position: 16.8

How about you? What is the CTR you see for your main site? Besides answering the poll question about your main site, I invite you to post the full range of statistics for your main site and other sites as well.