View Poll Results: What are the odds bitcoins will be worth nothing in 2030?

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    10 19.61%
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    9 17.65%
  • 20% to 39% (they will most likely survive)

    6 11.76%
  • 40% to 59% (equal change of going either way)

    12 23.53%
  • 60% to 79% (they will most likely not survive)

    3 5.88%
  • 80% to 99% (they will almost certainly not survive)

    4 7.84%
  • 100% (they will definitely not survive)

    7 13.73%
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    Bitcoin can never go to zero. There will always be someone who holds on to their bitcoin, and someone who mines as a hobby, or someone who does an exchange on the side. However, it's become so obviously pure speculation now. When the speculation is over, it will be relegated to the corners of the internet, like The Pirate Bay before it.

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    Bitcoin could be used as alternative mean of payment in some conditions. For example, Bitcoin is quite popular in Venezuela due to the huge inflation rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Zeitung View Post
    More than 90% because law enforcement worldwide is on War with the criminal Deep Web.

    That's right, with the criminal Deep Web, not the currencies themselves. The biggest issue that the government has with BTC and the bunch is that you can get away with not paying taxes. I can definitely see crypto being heavily regulated, but not banned. At lest in most countries.

    As for the TS's question, I don't think it will ever disappear completely cuz someone will hang on to it even if the exchange rate drops to one bucks a piece. It's a convenient way of conducting shady operations, so some people will likely keep on using it. However, it may be gone from the investment market for good. You can't know for sure, but give it a couple of sudden rises and drops that leave people broke, and the public might be more and more suspicious of it. You know that BTC's price is more about trust than the actual value, so it may well become the relic of the past, while still existing.
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    Considering the speed in which technology is moving and the direction this de-centralised blockchain system moves against the global banking cartels - Its a very interesting debait on speculating where it will be by 2030. I think it will eaither become the main global currency or be crushed.

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    It's very volatile, slow and not a brilliant store of value but I don't see it completely disappearing. I think it will eventually be knocked down from #1 spot by superior cryptos in the long term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelCorfman View Post
    I, for one, have wondered about the future of public key encryption systems, which play a central role in modern security, and in bitcoins and every other cryptocurrency. What happens, for example, if quantum computers become reality, and if they really can easily solve the the integer factorization problem whose current difficulty of solution is the foundation of bitcoin?
    Firstly, I don't think we'll see a working quantum computer for quite some time yet, but even if we do, I personally don't believe that it could compare to even the integrated chip that's in your phone today, I don't mean that they'll never become as powerful as their potential could offer, but the first generation of quantum computers will still suffer from the same problems that have plagued them for years IMO, including the error rate which needs to be constantly checked and checked and rechecked.

    The other main problem is getting enough of the paired atoms/photons (sorry, not an expert) or whatever on to a single chip. From my understanding we can make quantum computers, but in order to have a quantum computer that can actually do cool ****, we need to increase the amount of paired atoms/photons etc. by an unbelievably huge number before we will really see the potential for things such as instant password cracking for example.

    Current GPU's use 7 or 8 nanometer designs, so they can fit quite a lot of **** on the chip, while we aren't quite that small with quantum computers yet. Like I said, I'm no expert and if I'm completely wrong - don't hesitate to correct me.

    So if all the current problems are solved really quickly, and if quantum computers evolve fast enough to break crypto currencies, a couple of things come to my mind.

    1) We will have much worse problems than simple crypto theft. It would mean that all the encryption that everyone in the world uses today would also theoretically be vulnerable.

    2) A working quantum computer that could break say a long alphanumeric password in seconds, compared to the hundreds of years it would take for a cluster of GPU's dedicated to breaking the encyption could also, in my limited understanding at least, also create a new encryption algorithm.
    This could then be the basis of all future passwords - that is of course, if passwords are still a major thing. I personally think we are heading more in the direction of biometric access via methods including the FIDO alliance, (which both iOS and Android support, or will support soon at least) to our devices and content with a password that only serves as a secondary measure, so passwords need not be relied upon as the only key to your digital life.

    So, for me, I think that quantum computers represent more of an opportunity than a threat, but that implies that the "good guys" who want to protect the majority get their hands on the tech before any unscrupulous group does.

    Another thing I'd say to the specific question about your concerns regarding quantum computers and crypto is that I know one crypto currency that I invested a small amount in due to the quality of the people behind it Cardano, or ADA. I've read that some people dismiss it as only an idea without a product, but I have the wallet and it works perfectly fine, not to mention that every single thing in this world that is great started from a single idea that someone had.

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