Hi all!

We are proud to announce that Winamax recently won the coveted award for “Innovation in Poker” at the 2013 Operator Innovation Awards!

Winamax was recognized for two innovative promotions which brought social gaming into the sphere of real money poker:


In November 2012, Winamax took the best elements of social gaming and integrated these into online poker. As far as we can tell, we are the first poker operator to truly integrate such social elements into a poker product!

Guns & Glory is a game where players must complete poker missions to earn experience points:

  • 140 poker missions, unlocking 140 unique trophies
  • 23 levels based upon experience points
  • Dozens of mascots (which can be used as table avatars) unlocked with each level
  • 23 weapons which can be given to your avatar

Players are kept up to date as to how their friends are performing via real-time messages displayed directly in the poker software.

A Hall of Fame lists the best overall performances, including legendary trophies (held by one person at a time) for specific achievements (i.e. The Bubble Boy holds the record for the most times bubble boy).

What makes Guns & Glory exceptional is that it does not favor high-rollers or experienced players.
Missions evaluate players without taking into account stake levels, rake, player value, etc. Also, the rewards are purely social and not monetary based.


In April of 2012 Winamax launched The Revolution.

The Revolution is a first in Poker as it invites players to participate in a story built around a fantasy universe where Winamax is an empire and its throne is contested.

On a daily basis, players compete to move up in the ranks in a series of Sit & Go contests, fighting a duel with the current title holder:
  • Ship Captain
  • Space Admiral
  • Planetary Governor
  • Galactic Senator
  • High Chancellor
  • Emperor of Winamax

The Emperor not only gains the throne, but earns €1,000 each day he holds the title, not to mention bragging rights, the crown (visible on directly in the lobby and on the tables when his majesty is present) and his achievements published on the website.