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I started with online gambling in 2014 for one of the largest affiliates in Europe. We experienced some amazing growth over a short period and something I noticed was how we constantly were loosing quality on online slots and casino review content. With my inherent OCD I had a hard time letting that pass. Video slots is truly my passion and reviewing a slot transparently has always been the way for me to go. After a while I started working for an operator with several sport, casino, poker and bingo brands. Learned a lot but as The Soundtrack of Our Lives sings "Everything Beautiful Must Die" and it was time to move on to the largest mobile casino brand LeoVegas and their acquisition team. At LeoVegas I could live out my passion for video slots and create some highly advanced slot game content. Each slot was reviewed from a scientific point of view and we pulled data from the back end to get our own "Leo score" based on our spins - not the game sheets. Now me and some others has taken aim of conquering the regulated online casino market. Danish was our first pit stop and 6 months after launch the website is just rocketing through the SERP. Outside of work I like free diving and driving motorcross. Since the job as an casino affiliate means you are not bound to any place I have set up my own offroad office and driving around SE Asia while writing casino game reviews and comparing internet casinos. **Bio is in progress''
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