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I am in process of developing a product that will become absolutely necessary to the online gambling or casino or sports book industry as they operate in the US or abroad if they are seeking US based customers. This product is designed specifically to overcome the current legislation in process to out law internet gambling in the US. I am currently learning about your site and the gambling industry online, and do not want this product publicized yet. When I have a ready sample of the end-user version and also of the server section so that both gambler and casino use can be demonstrated, I will prepare a web site and start doing demos. The idea is to allow existing online betting at casinos and sports betting to be able to continue doing business with existing customer bases. As a part of the operation we also will refer to an offshore firm who has a license to operate a casino in another country, and will assist in licensing and hosting any online casino purchasers of this system who after running a demonstration with their US based casino want a casino beyond US interference. Even though I do not offer online gambling as required, I believe the offerings I am preparing are of sufficient interest to your membership to allow a Private Membership for a casino related product line. This is not for dissemination, but is private and in preparation for when we are ready to do demonstrations and go public. Please keep this information confidential until a package is prepared for release. The Fasset Group, Inc Rick Lesco, President 508-520-1122 4 Mackintosh St Franklin, MA 02038 USA