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I began building websites back in the late 90's (some may remember those old freebies: Tripod, Geocities, Angelfire, ect...) mainly for fun. My first couple of sites were really just HTML bookmarks of my favorite sites I was sharing with my friends. I really only realized the power of SEO when I made a website following the "heaven's gate" tragedy in 1997. I included meta tags for the first time (keywords, description) and was blown away when one day I saw that my simple Tripod page had received over 1,000 visitors overnight. It was at that time I knew that I wanted to be part of this global phenomenon called "The Web" I started promoting online gaming in 2001 after my brother found a $50 free comp for Lasseters casino. He played for a day or so, got the $50 up to $500 and requested a payout. I was amazed that he actually received a check in the mail a week or so later for $500.00 (of which he "re-invested" into the casino) It was then that I realized the income potential of promoting online gaming. I have rambled enough here... I wish you all luck and great prosperity in your online endeavors. - magyck0ne
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