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Been in the biz since early 2002.

PokerTramp lays down the law: Be honest, be ethical, don't litter and save the whales.
Interview with pokertramp - Issue 5, May 2008
Ellen found the GPWA in 2002, and says that without it, she never would have gotten where she is in the business.

Featured Poker Rooms 
GPWA Approved Portal
Featured Poker Rooms
Game: Poker
Domain Authority: 15.00
Links: 451
External Links: 441
Featured Poker Rooms brings you a list of poker rooms, reviews of the top online poker sites along with a listing of bonus offers, freebies and comps.

Freeroll Tournaments Online 
GPWA Approved Portal
Freeroll Tournaments Online
Game: Poker
Links: 17,277
External Links: 17,275
Freeroll Tournaments Online features a list of daily, weekly and special freerolls tournaments along with poker room reviews.

Gambling Dictionaries 
GPWA Approved Portal
Gambling Dictionaries
Games: Casino Games, Bingo, Poker, Rummy Games, Sportsbook
Domain Authority: 12.00
Links: 427
External Links: 425
Gambling Dictionaries where you will find the description, terminology and lingo to most gambling terms.

Poker Poker and More Poker 
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Poker Poker and More Poker
Games: Poker, Casino Games
Domain Authority: 24.00
Links: 3,287
External Links: 3,284
Poker Poker and More Poker includes information on poker strategy, tournaments, promotions, and listings of online poker rooms and casinos.

Poker Tournaments Online 
GPWA Approved Portal
Poker Tournaments Online
Game: Poker
Links: 17,252
External Links: 17,245
In addition to listing current bonuses and offers from a variety of poker rooms on the internet, Poker Tournaments Online is a directory providing a schedule of online play including freeroll poker tournaments, satellite poker tournaments, super satellites, promotional poker tournaments, and points buy-in tournaments. This site also serves as a resource for articles, analyses, and poker accesories.