We offer two types of membership, Public and Private, and there is no charge to join either group.

Public Membership

Public access is available to everyone - players, casino employees, and anyone else who is interested in viewing or participating in one or more of the wide range of topics that are explored in the forums. Registration is simple, and takes only a few minutes. Register now.

Private Membership

Private membership is available exclusively to gambling portal webmasters who meet our membership criteria. To be eligible you must be affiliated with portal sites or apps that meet a minimum set of standards we have established to ensure our members are professional gambling affiliates who operate their sites and apps in an ethical fashion.

Private membership includes access to private portal webmaster forums, which contain in-depth news and advice inaccessible elsewhere. GPWA Private Membership also includes free iGaming Directory Online Access. It provides information on the thousands of online gaming sites and their affiliate programs and owners and operators in addition to the most comprehensive directory of portal sites available.

Each private member application undergoes in-depth scrutiny to ensure that the applicant is fully committed to upholding the highest industry standards and adhering to a strict ethical code of conduct. View our private membership qualifications and application.

GPWA Approved Portal Seal

GPWA members can apply to place the GPWA Seal of Approval on their portal sites. When visitors to a site click on the seal, they will see a detailed explanation of the true significance of your GPWA membership: it lets everyone know that you've gone the extra mile, and that they can rest assured that you are serious about operating your site in a responsible fashion.
GPWA Approved

GPWA Times Magazine and Newsletter

One of the benefits of joining the GPWA is the weekly GPWA Times newsletter, bringing you news and information of interest to the portal webmaster community. To subscribe, just register as a public or private member and you will receive it automatically. We also produce the GPWA Times Magazine that we mail to our members free of charge. To receive copies in the mail simply follow the subscription instructions on the website.

View current and past issues of the GPWA Times email newsletter and magazine