BigDaddy and Google in the Spotlight

By Jim Trivolette

With so much talk about Google you almost forget who MSN and yahoo even are. Google is known for taking the spotlight on many occasions, both in the search engine world and in the hardware world. Since the majority of search queries are carried out at it is no wonder that when Google decides to do something that will upset the rankings that people will make enough of a fuss to pick up loads of media attention, especially in the form of articles such as the one your reading.

Google has been taking the search engine spotlight for the last couple weeks (seems like all year they have had that spotlight huh?). Google did it again with Big Daddy. I wrote about Big daddy once before called “Big Daddy of a storm”.

Big Daddy is as we all know not just an algorithm update it is an infrastructure update. This new infrastructure is supposed to make it easier for Google to perform updates in the future. They are keeping much of it quiet, stating that they require keeping some secrets to keep the bad guys from trying to crack it. People will learn the secrets and have a hand at breaking the code regardless of the secrets they are keeping (if they really are keeping any secrets.). What we have learned so far about Big Daddy is that it will support a new “google bot” or for lack of a better name the “mozilla bot”. This new bot should be able to read hyperlinks and maybe more from picture and flash files and the like.

We also know that Big Daddy is supposed to fix an issue with canonicalization. If, you are not familiar with what canonicalization is here is a brief description. Right now if you have a website name it is also known as even though it is the same website it gets seen by search engines as two separate sites automatically. Big Daddy is going to see both versions of the site as the same site therefore doing away with the duplicate content problem many face.

Big Daddy also is doing something to how many results show up for any given keyword. Basically you will see the number of sites indexed has grown enormously. For example the phrase “top web site placement” (without the quotes) did have approx 840,000,000 now under the Big Daddy data centers shows 1,100,000,000 results.

I just read an article today that was released on Feb 21 ’06 that stated that Google Big Daddy was an algorithm update and this was from a guy that claims he worked with an SEO company. Let me repeat what I stated at the beginning and what I stated in my previous article "BigDaddy of a Storm", this is not an algorithm update it never was and no one led us to believe that. This is a change in the underlying program that will make a algorithm update or any other updates easier for Google to accomplish.

As time goes on I am sure we will learn more of Big Daddy’s secrets but for now we can only act upon what Google wants us to know. There are many articles about Big Daddy and I am sure there will be many more before Big Daddy leaves the spotlight behind. So until next time happy searching! –jmt

About The Author
Jim Trivolette works as office manager and search engine optimization specialist for “The last year showed us some awesome changes on the net I can’t wait to see what happens this year!” -jmt

This article was posted on March 11, 2006

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