Review of Directory Generator by Armand Morin

By Donna Knight

Directory Generator is a software product that can generate hundreds of keyword-targeted web pages. The purpose is to help you get targeted traffic to your website so you can make more sales or earn commissions.

I was one of the earliest users of Directory Generator before it launched publicly August 26, 2004, so Iíve had a little head start in testing it.

Let me give you a little background info first: In late 2003, new traffic generating software appeared called Traffic Equalizer. I have to admit I knew nothing about it until recently. My guess as to why is that it is talked about mostly among big marketers, and probably mostly at seminars.

Itís just like Armand Morin to ride the traffic software wave and even try to make a better surfboard. And thatís what Directory Generator is.

It is supposed to be equivalent to software such as Ranking Power, Traffic Equalizer, and Traffic Hurricane, which allows you to get targeted traffic by generating pages that get high search engine rankings. The difference is, like most of what Armand does, the results are classier and more professional looking.

Of the previously mentioned programs, Traffic Hurricane is the only one that is free. Why pay for this other software if you can get it free? Because your Traffic Hurricane pages will have someone elseís Google AdSense ads on your pages, earning them money off your traffic. Now that I have Directory Generator, I donít need someone else earning money from my traffic unless theyíre going to pay me part of it. Selfish, arenít I? One other thing: Iím surprised no one noticed this but Google doesnít allow Adsense code to be placed on pages not owned by you, so the way this is set up might get someone into trouble.

I know what youíre thinkingÖYeah, thatís nice but can Directory Generator really generate targeted traffic? Absolutely! The first website I created with Directory Generator is steadily earning Google AdWords income every single day without me doing a thing. It took 30 days for traffic and commissions to really start kicking in. I donít want this to sound like hype but this is the easiest money Iíve made so far. Nevertheless the second website I made isnít doing squat. But that just tells me: Thereís no such thing as a sure thing. The domain name you choose and keywords you target can make a difference. But the second website also hasnít been up as long, so weíll see what happensÖ

Am I going to get rich off the money itís generating? No, nor could someone quit their job with it, but at the rate itís working I would earn the $250 price back fairly quickly. My goal was to first earn the domain fee back and I did. The site is listed in Google, but gets no traffic from there. Most of the traffic comes from other search engines. If it had multiple pages spidered by Google, look out!

Iíve heard through the grapevine of multiple people earning 4-figure monthly incomes from sites created with traffic-generating software. And Iíve heard of one person earning a six-figure income. For now, this test tells me that this software really does work.

Hereís a little secret: No one who uses traffic generating software will tell you their website URL. Thatís because they donít want people ripping off their profitable website. So you have to buy the software to see the sites it produces. At $250 a pop, thatís an expensive trial.

What do you do with the traffic it generates?

  1. You earn Google Adsense commissions (this feature is built into the software).
  2. You can add SearchFeed (you canít add both. Google doesnít allow it).
  3. You can add a Linkshare ad to earn additional commissions.
  4. The newest version lets you earn Amazon commissions.

BENEFITS: Easily generate 100s of keyword targeted pages for a niche directory.

Disadvantage: You still have to choose your keywords which will be your site theme. You have to know how to FTP the pages to your web host. Unlike Traffic Equalizer, the program wonít do it for you.

CONCLUSION: Highly recommended. Thank goodness Armand didnít price this software too cheaply. If you only try one traffic-generating software program, I recommend Directory Generator.

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About The Author
Donna Knight is a Website Promotion Specialist and Computer Trainer. She has built over 250 websites. For tips that will help you in your online marketing efforts, visit her Internet Marketing Tools and Reviews blog at Copyright (c) 2006 Donna Knight.

This article was posted on March 24, 2006

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