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By Wendy McLeod

There are many SEO terms which a self starter of SEO will not understand this article will help SEO beginners to understand the meanings of terms used in SEO, search engine optimization.

Words starting from A to D

  1. Algorithm:

    Algorithm is a stet of rules and regulations followed by search engines to rank websites in order. Each search engine has its own set of algorithms.

  2. Alt tag:

    Alt tags are HTML tags used to optimize an Image on the webpage. It can be a picture, company logo or any other image on the website. It is also called as alt attribute. The syntax of the tag is <IMG C="companylogo.gif" ALT="Web design logo"> Web design logo is displayed until the page gets loaded.

  3. Anchor text:

    The text used on any link is called an anchor text. For example is there is a link  Click here to e-mail , In this case ‘Click here to e-mail’ is the anchor text.

  4. Automated submission:

    There are many softwares available on the internet which can be used to submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories automatically. But it is not much useful to submit your website using a software.

  5. Back link OR Backward link:

    Number of links pointing out to your website is called as backward links. Backward links are also called as Inbound links.It is very important to build backward links to gain good rankings on search engines

  6. Black hat SEO:

    Black hat SEO are the techniques used to fool the search engines in order to bring in more traffic to websites. You are not suppose to use Black hat techniques because there is a chance of your website being black listed on the search engines

  7. Black listed:

    A website is black marked by the search engines for various reasons like using Black hat SEO,  Illegal content, Spamming etc. Black listed websites never show up on search engines. So you have to be very careful in the SEO techniques you use for your website because once you are on the black list you will never have hits and sure toloose business.

  8. Broken link:

    A link that existed before but does not exist at present is called a broken link. The search engines might have indexed the link when it existed now the link may havemoved to a different page or removed in this case the search engine removes the indexed link from its database. It is not good for a website to have broken links.Broken links are also called as Dead links.

  9. Crawler is also called as spider.

    Crawler is a program which is similar to a browser it is owned by search engines, to "surf" the web by following links from one page to the next and from one site to the next. It collects information from the sites it visits and that information is stored in the search engine's database.

  10. Cross linking:

    Suppose you own multiple websites and link all the websites you own into each other it is called Cross linking. cross linking is done to improve link popularity.But when you do too much cross linking there is a chance that your website may get black listed in Google for using bad SEO process.

  11. Description tag:

    Description tag is a HTML tag which gives a brief description about the website to the search engines. It is not visible on the website but it helps the search engines to index your website by showing it the exact content of the page. Now a days search engines do not give much importance to the description tag.

  12. Directory:

    Directory is a website with a collection of different websites belonging to various categories. A directory can be a general directory and there are also directories belonging to one particular category. There are some directories which allow free site listings and few offers only paid listings.Directory listing is the best method to build inbound links.

  13. Doorway page:

    Doorway page is the page which redirects to another page. It is a black had SEO technique where a keyword rich page with no proper content, this page is where search engines land you on but the page gets you redirected to another page or domain.This is not a advisable technique to bring traffic to your website.

  14. Dynamic content:

    Web site content generated automatically, usually from a based or user selections. Dynamic content typically changes at regular intervals, for example daily or each time the users reload the page. SERPSs are dynamically generated pages, changing depending on user input

Words starting from E and others will be continued in the next article of mine

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Wendy McLeod
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This article was posted on March 24, 2006

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