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Welcome to the GPWA wiki.

The GPWA wiki is a new community effort officially launched on July 1, 2009. The objective is to provide a guide to the iGaming affiliate community covering a wide variety of topics that we can all contribute to and improve over time.

One of the many reasons we established this wiki was to enable us to share our collective knowledge about factors that are important to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Material covering this topic is being organized in the GPWA wiki beginning with the page:

Guide to Selecting Affiliate Programs.

Gambling Webmaster Resources

Rogue Affiliate Programs

Categories of online games

The application software being used to run the GPWA wiki is known as Mediawiki. It is the same software that powers Wikipedia. Complete documentation is available in the Mediawiki User's Guide.

I'm very much looking forward to our working together to create a resource that will make us all proud.

Yours truly,

Michael Corfman

GPWA Executive Director

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