Vegas Affiliates announces it will block U.S. players

5 November 2008

Vegas Affiliates announced on Wednesday that effective Monday, Nov. 10, it will not be accepting any new U.S. players. The company explained that the decision was made for "various reasons" and that "while we find this a tough decision to make, we are excited at the same time with the opportunities that are in store as we now have a chance to focus entirely on the non-U.S. markets."

The announcement comes just one day after Micrograming began blocking Kentucky residents from its network of of sites in reaction to an Oct. 15 decision by Judge Thomas Wingate. Microgaming was one of the 141 online gambling sites that was subjected to a seizure order by Wingate in October and given 30 days to block access to Kentucky residents on Oct. 15.

Vegas Affiliates casinos include Grand Hotel Casino, Colosseum Casino, Vegas Joker Casino, Vegas Country Casino, Vegas Slot Casino and Vegas 7 Casino. All existing players registered from the U.S. will be allowed to continue to operate their accounts until further notice and U.S. affiliates will continue to be accepted.

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