Right2Bet discusses Germany and Portugal

13 November 2009

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Right2bet blog this week focuses on the attitudes of both Portuguese and German officials regarding sports betting companies advertising their products. Portuguese football clubs, facing difficult financial circumstances, have this week called for a lifting of the ban on league and shirt sponsorship by betting companies, claiming that the loss of this lucrative revenue stream leads to difficulties competing against Italian, Spanish and English teams who face no such obstacles.

In Germany, the hanseatic city of Bremen has declared war on the city's sports shops for selling football shirts featuring the logos of main sponsor Bwin, the Austrian bookmaker. The city state is attempting to fine stores €1000 for each shirt sold featuring the offending logo, which was prominently displayed on local team Werder Bremen's shirts during 2006 until new state regulations forced them to search for alternative sponsorship.

The blog also tells the story of the Dutch Subaru employee who embezzled millions of Euros from his employer in order to gamble at the country's state-owned casino chain Holland Casino, where he was treated like royalty for his custom. In any commercial casino, the volume of his custom would have immediately raised suspicions of criminal activity, thanks to strict limits and regulations on customers' funds.

Meanwhile, Right2bet's 'betting challenge', in which the campaign places a winning bet with several state owned and commercial operators, continues this week. Last Sunday, a Chelsea win earned cash for the kitty.

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