APCW Audits: Revenue Giants

26 January 2014

Within the past 30 days, the APCW conducted an audit of the Revenue Giants affiliate tracking. Please note that certain criteria have been kept confidential to preserve the anonymity of the auditing process. Audits are conducted randomly throughout the year by opening new accounts or redepositing in old accounts to test if the activity is properly credited to the referring affiliate. Any potential problems with an audit are discussed with the casino program prior to the posting of the results. Testing was conducted by an auditor who visited Bingo Hall via an affiliated link.

Affiliate Tracking
There was no webmaster affiliate tracking issues. The tracking was real time.

Cookie Tracking
  • APCW is testing cookie lengths and cookie properties if interested in assisting please email:

Revenue Giants Program Overview:
Revenue Giants is designed specifically to meet the needs of casino and bingo affiliates 365 days a year. Their program provides fantastic gaming sites with excellent offers that enhance player retention; easy and obtainable high commissions of 30 to 40 percent, CPA, or a hybrid of the previous two; no negative carryover; prompt payments that go out at the end of every month; reporting tools that are second to none, with real-time stats showing all the activity that has occurred up to the minute that you requested the details; and abundant free content, banners, game descriptions, and other promotional material.
  • How are payments made?
    • Check/Cheque
    • EcoCard
  • Earnings
    • Revenue share: 30%-40%
    • CPA: Tailored.
    • Hybrid: Tailored.
  • Software
    • Parlay Games
    • TopGame