Christmas Race promotion at 7 Stars Partners

11 November 2020

(PRESS RELEASE) -- With the holidays fast approaching, 7 Stars Partners decided to boost your Christmas mood with a special promotion. It’s been a challenging year, so let’s celebrate the holidays together and enjoy some positive emotions just before we say ‘Hi’ to the New Year.

Starting from 11 November up until 21 December we will be running a Christmas Race which all of our partners can enter for free. We will be giving away €50,000 in cash or Christmas treats for you and your Team in the corresponding cash value equivalent.

To make it a fair play, we divided our Christmas Race into two segments.

The first one is for the big fishes out there - those of you with more than 100 FTDs on average for the past three months, while the other Race will be among our newbies who have started their partnership with us recently or just target smaller audiences and have less than 100 FTDs on average for the past three months.

The idea of the race is to get as many FTDs as possible during the promotion’s period and be among the top 15 partners in your category.

Once the Race is over, a total of 30 winners (15 from each Race’s segment) will share our fantastic €50,000 prize pool.

1. Christmas Affiliate Race promo will run from 11 November until 21 December.

2. The winners will be announced on 22 December.

3. Affiliates who rank in Top 15 will have a choice to either take the prize as a Christmas Gift with sweets and treats or add the corresponding cash amount to their December commission.

4. In order to take part in the Race, affiliates must ?ontact their affiliate manager or email us at

5. Affiliates are allowed to register all their accounts with 7StarsPartners by providing their dedicated affiliate manager with the corresponding usernames or by sending the info to

6. Only FTDs with a minimum deposit amount of 20 EUR will be counted as qualifying for this promo.

7. The leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis, each Monday. Affiliates can find out their ranking position by contacting their dedicated affiliate manager.

8. We reserve the right to disqualify any participants in the Affiliate Christmas Race if there is Violation of 7StarsPartners Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions