Danish Gambling Authority wins illegal bingo court case

10 May 2023

(PRESS RELEASE) -- On 8 May 2023, an association in Copenhagen was fined DKK 15,000 and confiscation of DKK 5 million for organizing illegal bingo for its members on a daily basis for a number of years.

During a control visit in 2019, the Danish Gambling Authority assessed that the association's offering of bingo was illegal, and subsequently reported the association to the police.

In Denmark there is a monopoly on lotteries (including bingo) - except if the lottery is held as a charity lottery.

According to the Danish Gambling Authority, bingo was the primary purpose of the association, which is in violation of the gambling legislation.

The case was before the court in Copenhagen on 1 May 2023 and on 8 May 2023, the association was sentenced to pay a fine of DKK 15,000 as well as the court costs. In addition, DKK 5 million will be confiscated. The amount is based on an estimate.

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