SOFTSWISS migrates one million players in five hours

5 December 2023

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In Q3 2023, SOFTSWISS, an award-winning iGaming software provider, successfully transitioned a major operator with over one million players to its platforms. This extensive project involved migrating players not only to the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform but also to the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

After a meticulous preparation, the platform transition wrapped up smoothly within five hours. This success can be attributed to the well-tested methodology employed by the SOFTSWISS team, which considers technical, business, and user perspectives.

Technical aspect
The challenge in the migration process revolves around transferring a large amount of data. In the recent case, the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform team expertly migrated about a hundred terabytes of information without any losses, ensuring its integrity and security. Rigorous testing at every stage enabled the business to transition with minimal downtime.

Vitali Matsukevich, COO at SOFTSWISS, comments:
“Another technical challenge we were dealing with was a high customer load. Launching a new project, traffic comes to the casino gradually, but during migration, a large number of players access the site simultaneously. The amount may be even higher than the previous average casino load due to heightened interest in exploring new offerings. Thanks to the preparation quality, the launch also went smoothly.”

Player support aspect
From the players’ point of view, the main goal of any migration is to enhance the gaming experience. The SOFTSWISS team played well on all stages, from preserving the same passwords to bolstering player support during the first few days after the transition.

Vitali Matsukevich adds:
“In addition to their regular tasks, support specialists carefully collected feedback from players. This was necessary to create a list of improvements that would be implemented in a short time.”

Business aspect
During the migration process, various business challenges emerge. One such challenge involves efficiently transferring content, a critical task for software suppliers and operators. The primary goal is to migrate all pages without impacting their Google search rankings, as this greatly influences traffic generation.

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Content Management System (CMS) facilitated the migration of thousands of pages seamlessly. The team adeptly maintained the existing search engine optimization strategy, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform without any loss in traffic.

Vitali Matsukevich adds:
"We have refined our migration process and assembled a highly skilled team to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for our clients. Another successful case highlights our commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering a top-notch gaming experience. From a business perspective, migrating existing projects to our platform enhances their stability and performance, which ultimately translates into improved player satisfaction and increased revenue opportunities."

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