The first edition of the LeadHERship Program to start next month

22 January 2024

(PRESS RELEASE) -- How would you show up if your value was never in question? Do it because it’s possible, not because you have something to prove.

Despite the fact that in the U.S. alone, women hold 57% of the undergraduate degrees and 60% of the master’s degrees, they are not converting into senior leaders at the same percentage, not by a landslide. 2023’s Catalyst report states there are only 41 female CEOs on the S&P 500, that’s just 8.2%. Europe is taking this into account by introducing the ‘Women on Boards’ Directive with regulations around equity at the highest levels being implemented by 2026. Does anyone else wonder what might be possible if we bridged this gap a little?

When we talk about developing niche demographics of talent within business there is much to consider: Why are we developing this niche? What’s the objective? To what end are they being taught and developed? What are they being taught? What are the behavioral and psychographic needs of this niche? And how will we measure success? We understand these questions and know that our clients often have the answers, they simply may have never asked them before.

These are some of the reasons Saroca created the LeadHERship Program. A five-month, virtual leadership development program for women in the gaming industry. The inaugural program will launch after ICE on 22 February 2024. The participants will receive 10, 90-minute group sessions and 2, 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. The curriculum is a strategic balance between hard and soft skills, personal and professional development. The greatest impact of this program will be bringing women together to grow themselves and their relationships with each other inside a private, supportive community.

Facilitating the LeadHERship Program is iGamingXL Founder, Leadership Coach and Saroca’s VP of Development, Claire Adamou and former Producer, Executive Coach Saroca’s CEO, yours truly, Emily Leeb.

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