Check out our latest fantastic 10,000 customer giveaway starting today!

We are giving away a whopping 10,000 in cash prizes from today, Jan 23rd until Friday Jan 30th.

Here's how it works:
It's wager to win... play at the Casino within the promotional period and we will reward the top 10 spenders with cash prizes as follows:

1st 5,000
2nd 1,500
3rd 1,000
4th 800
5th 500
6th 500
7th 300
8th 200
9th 100
10th 100

But that's not everything ...we will also award additional customers on 3 hot days throughout the week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Customers who are in No.s 15, 20, 25 and 35 on the hot days will receive 100 cash into their Casino accounts.

Customers track their progress through out the competition on our Winners Leaderboard.

The banners are all up in Paddy Partners Advert Gallery now so whack these up before CAP and see your customers rolling in.

Terms and Conditions apply

See you at CAP!