Dear !fname,

Absolute Slots has seen another rocking hot week, our hardworking affiliates will be receiving fat and juicy pay checks very soon – well done and keep up the great work! With 35% revenue share for the first 3 months you’re already on a winner!

Our Slot Tournaments are going down like wildfire – players love to compete against each other, and with a new Tourney kicking off each week, plus a monthly Tourney with fab prizes to be won, our Slots are spinning non-stop!

For more info on our Slots Tournaments check out the Tournaments page.

Top 10 Slots in November:

· Goldenman (exclusive slot)
· Scary Rich 2 (new video slot)
· Western Wildness (new video slot)
· Scary Rich
· Diamond Temple (exclusive slot)
· Baby Boomers (iSlot)
· Jaques Pot
· Gobblers Gold (new video slot)
· Future Fortunes
· Major Moolah (progressive USD only)

Top Tip – tell your players to check out the bonus rounds in Free Mode (ie. Hole in Won) as the more practice they get, the more money they win!

Interview with BonusStreak, Affiliate of the Week

What job would you love to do other than your own?

Not that I have the time to enjoy another job besides my own, I think being in some sort of Medieval history field would be very cool.

What job would you never do?

I would have to say being a politician. I am too honest and would not be a very good politician.

What is your favourite drink?

Elliott and everyone in this industry can answer that for me, but I will humour you, vodka redbull of course.

What is never missing from your refrigerator?

Fruit and veggies are always in my fridge.

Favourite music?

Anything besides country music, why is it always so depressing?

What is your personal motto?

Live life to the fullest, as if each and every day is your last.

Favourite movie?

My all-time favourite is Scarface.

Favourite famous person?

Princess Diana, she had so much class.

What do you find impossible to resist?

Chocolate – once I start eating it I cannot stop!

Dog, cat, budgie or no pets?

I have a Jack Russell Terrier, she is my baby.

What would you like to do that you’ve not had the chance to do before?

Well, there are many things I would love to finish on my “to do” list.

How did you start out in the industry?

I started out years ago as a moderator.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an affiliate?

I would say read and do all the research you can and never rush into anything, take your time and be sure it is done right the first time around.

What do you like about Absolute Slots?

I am very impressed with the player retention, and the personal attention I receive as an affiliate is also awesome. There are never-ending promos for my players and the name itself is very catchy.

What do you think of Absolute Slots Affiliate program?

Absolute Slots Affiliate program is fast becoming my top program, they have come out of the gate with a strong start and I am sure they are going to finish first for not only our sites but for many others, all you have to do is get signed up and start promoting them.

There will be some minor changes coming soon, and we will be having some serious fun (affiliates only) next month – watch this space!

Thank you all for helping to make Absolute Slots such a success! Keep sending us business and we’ll keep your bank managers happy!

Have a great week, and contact me anytime if you need assistance.

Absolute slots Affiliate Team