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    Default 1BTC For Grabs! | July SlotStreak Tournament

    Let’s roll out something for the bitcoin lovers. If you are a true bitcoineer, and you like competing with other players, then this is just the thing for you. Head down to Betstreak Casino because we are hosting a tournament with 1BTC up for grabs.
    What is This Tournament About?

    These tournaments go under the name Slotstreak and we have a pretty simple concept. All you need to do is hit the reels and collect leaderboard points.
    To make things easier, the Slotstreak will run continually in bi-weekly periods. The prize pool is 1BTC, and each month there will be a specific game provider eligible for the month.
    "Play now and claim your extra prize money today!"
    So all you need to do at this point is following:

    • Go to Betstreak Casino
    • Log into your account
    • Make a deposit
    • Play the tournament
    • There is a couple of new games worth trying and you still have 11 more days left before this month’s tournament ends, and the prizes are distributed.

    Games and Prizes

    When it comes to the prizes, the leaderboard displayed prizes for the 30 players distributed as follows:

    • 1st place: 0.3 BTC
    • 2nd place: 0.15 BTC
    • 3rd place: 0.10 BTC
    • 4th place: 0.06 BTC
    • 5th place: 0.05 BTC
    • 6-7th place: 0.04 BTC
    • 8-10th place: 0.03 BTC
    • 11-13th place: 0.02 BTC
    • 14-18th place: 0.01 BTC
    • 19-30th place: 0.005 BTC

    When it comes to the eligible games for the tournament, the choice is vast indeed. Some of the titles you might recognize include slots such as:

    Of course, this is just a couple of the eligible titles and a full list can be found on the tournament page at the casino’s official site. Fun is guaranteed here!
    Tournament Rules

    Each tournament has its own set of rules to be followed, and this one is no different. So let’s take a look on it.
    Wagering on online slots only will count for this promotion, and the wagering amounts will be turned into points for the leaderboard which will be displayed at the casino’s official page under the slotstreak tournament.
    Once the tournament ends, the winners will be officially declared and the prizes will be paid out within the next 48 hours.
    All prizes are paid out in real money which means that they do not have any wagering requirements, and in case that you played in a currency that is different from EUR, the prizes paid out will be equivalent to your currency.
    So head over to Betstreak and enjoy while spinning reels on slotstreak games!
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