1xBet has 2020ís top events for betting profits!

2020 is brimming with awesome events across a wide spectrum of interests. Whatever your passion in life is, the year ahead promises plenty of thrilling chapters. From well known tournaments to celebrated awards shows, thereís a lot to look forward to in 2020. And, thereís no shortage of betting opportunities to turn your opinion into extra cash! The best part is that you can find great odds on all these events at 1xBet.

For Sports lovers:
- Champions League: Suddenly, the field in this iconic tournament looks wide open with many having superb chances at lifting the trophy. This, of course, means fantastic odds on whoever you choose! Will Liverpool carry their blistering Premier League form across to the Champions League or will there be a surprise? Bet on all the action every step of the way!
- Euro 2020: National teams from across the continent battle for supremacy. Can frontrunners England and France assert their dominance or will an unexpected qualifier throw a spanner in the works? Tons of markets on every match and the overall tournament mean more chances to win!
- 2020 Olympic Games: Itís almost time again for the Olympics! Japan host what promises to be an epic sporting spectacle. The immense range of events means youíll be able to find a slew of great chances to profit!

For Cinema Lovers:

- 2020 Academy Awards: Itís no laughing matter Ė the Joker is tipped by many to score big at this yearís event. But every year there are plenty of surprises and great value to be had in the betting market. With so many categories, the chances are youíll be able to spot a few winners at lengthy odds!
- 2020 Golden Raspberry Awards: Celebrating the worst in cinematic achievement, the Razzies brings humour and fun to the film industry. Essentially the opposite of the Oscars, it puts a spotlight on poor quality. It also provides a unique opportunity to profit from spotting the worst in cinema!
- 2020 Cannes Film Festival: A bit more ďarty and edgyĒ than the Oscars, this event always dishes up some controversy and unlikely praise. Spot the trendsetters early and score big!

For Music Lovers:
- 2020 Grammy Awards: If you love the sweet sounds of music, youíll be in for a treat with the many chances to win by betting on the Grammy Awards! Itís an event that has had its share of memorable moments over the years and is always worth watching Ė and betting on! So often a single artist can sweep multiple categories, meaning that identifying a special performer can bring big bucks to bettors!

For Everyone:
- 2020 Nobel Peace Prize: Itís not too often that a teenager is among the frontrunners for such a prestigious award, but thatís exactly where environmental activist Greta Thunberg finds herself. But there are also plenty of others in contention at great oddsÖ

Thereís a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year and the future is brightly filled with betting opportunities at 1xBet. The events above are just a small taste of the highlights that are available at incredible odds. The great thing is you can start betting on these events right now! So, register at 1xBet and youíll find a world of winning chances at the click of a button!

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