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The world cup is the time when the best of the best face off to see who the best in the world is! The ComeOn Connect Affiliate World Cup will show us exactly who are the best affiliates in the world!

Affiliates will have the chance to prove they are the best when it comes to affiliation at ComeOn Connect. Affiliates will contest from June 1st up until July 31st to earn points towards their overall score and their position on the leaderboard to win their part of the 20018 prize pool.

As in the World Cup, affiliates will be drawn into three groups based on their historical performance with us. Then the top 5 affiliates from each tier will win one of the prizes on offer.

Affiliates can earn points on the leader boards in the following ways:

  • 1 point will be awarded for each NDC sent.
  • 3 points will be awarded for every 3K in Net Revenue sent.

NDC amounts will count across all 13 brands and will be added together to give an overall total. Net Revenue will also be added together from all brands, but negative amounts would carry over between brands for the purpose of the promotion.

The top five prizes for each tier will be as follows:

Group A Prize pool 10K

  1. 4000
  2. 2250
  3. 1750
  4. 1250
  5. 1018

Group B Mixed Rewards Prize pool 5K + Merchandise

  1. 2500 + Replica football
  2. 1000 + Replica football
  3. 750 + Replica football
  4. 500 + Replica football
  5. 250 + Replica football
  6. Replica football
  7. Replica football
  8. Replica football
  9. Replica football
  10. Replica football

Group C Revenue Share Only Prize pool 5K + Merchandise

  1. 2500 + Jersey
  2. 1000 + Jersey
  3. 750 + Jersey
  4. 500 + Jersey
  5. 250 + Jersey
  6. Jersey
  7. Jersey
  8. Jersey
  9. Jersey
  10. Jersey

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