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    Default 33 percent of Oregon teens participate in free Internet gambling games

    According to a study issued by the Oregon Department of Human Services, 33 percent of Oregons teens aged 12-17 play free Internet gambling games.

    However, less than one percent of the teens are playing real-money games online.

    Full story, published by the Eugene Statesman Journal, can be found here ...

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    That really should be no surprise. Kids in the states are taught to gamble from the time they are old enough to drop that quarter into the gumball machine in hopes of getting that one plastic bubble with the real working watch and not the other 299 which are plastic civil war figures .... er I mean figure ... that was too deformed to sell back in the day when they made the sets.

    So to hear they're playing gambling games online is akin to hearing they've tried alcohol. After all, if Mom and Dad didn't teach them that one early on ... by the time they get into school there's always a friend who's parents DID cover the subject, to pass along the word. Probably moreso with gambling games since many families play them for non-monetary stakes as a way to spend time together.

    When I think of it that way ...frankly I'm surprised the percentage wasn't more than half.
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