Hello all,

Here is the second part of the September Promos being offered by Windows and King Solomons Casino.

Our partners are going all the way and offering great prizes.

Below is an excerpt from the mailer that was sent to our affiliates earlier today:

Everybody likes surprises and none as much as our partner casinos Windows and King Solomons Casino. Each week during this whole month, Windows and King Solomons will be dishing out amazing prizes to their players worth a total of $5,000!

This is definitely an offer that you should promote actively as it could bring you plenty of extra revenue. Full details available here:

Windows Casino: http://www.windowscasino.com/uk/prom...surprises.aspx
King Solomons Casino: http://www.kingsolomons.com/uk/promo...surprises.aspx

You can send players directly to the Drops of Surprises Landing Page where they will be able to view of the details of the promotion. For this, simply create a profile in the banner settings area and select the Surprise Cash Drops URL.