HI all,

Cpays is glad to announce the new launch of SkyKings Casino!

Only during June you will have the opportunity to receive 70% commission for all traffic generated to SkyKings Casino!
All traffic generated to all other CPays brands will benefit you with your current commission as shown in your CPays account.
Start promoting SkyKings Casino now and reap the benefits!!!
Marketing tools are available in English, Russian, Japanese and German.
For more details click on http://cpays.com/promotions.php

One more thing that is not less important:
Recently we decided to cease our relationship with CAP as a result of all kind of reasons that I won’t detail here.
CPays will still be available on GPWA as before so you all can feel free to post me whenever you want or simply email me to manager@cpays.com

Best regards,
Oren Paz – CPays manager