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    Default ABCoptions directly via AFFmarkets - don't do it.

    I got offered $450 for second position ABCoptions in my binary broker top 5 comparison table by Plamen.
    Strange thing is the first 2 days I had regs, no depositors, now the dashboard says over 10k impressions (lol) and hundreds of clicks, whilst my own dashboard counts clicks and counts only 89. It is not remotely possible that I have not brought more than 2 leads as I bring 20+ leads for same brands on the same position. Total fake dashboard if you ask me, huge scraping going on.

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    Same happened to me with Hotforex.... placed on top converting spot for 2 weeks 0 clicks and 0 regs, while for previous period had 20 regs from that spots, changed it back to other brokers - 30 regs for 2 weeks, so yea full of **** out there

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