Spin yourself into an Eggstravaganza!

Get ready for some early Easter eggs with the launch of a brand new slot game: Eggstravaganza.
An egg-xciting new 3 reel slot will break out of its shell today and start chirping merrily away.
Play 1 to 3 coins on this fun Easter-themed slot game and watch out for the cute little chicks - 1 chick gets you 5 Free Spins, and 2 chicks gets you 10 Free Spins - all with 3x multiplier!

50% Bonus on your n-egg-xt deposit

Get some early spins in for Easter on our lovely chocolate flavored Easter slot game with up to $50 FREE on your next deposit.
Have a great week!

Promotion is valid from April 8 to 9, 2009.

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