This is interesting ... the Taj Mahal is now accepting online registrations for its brick and mortar poker tournaments.

The casino uses "PT Seats," what inventor Fabricio Schaffrath of Miami calls "a Ticketmaster for poker tournaments."

Players visit the Web site, pick the tournament they want to enter, and reserve a spot using a credit card. There is a convenience charge ranging from 3 percent to 6 percent of the buy-in for the tournament.

So far, nearly 100 Atlantic City poker players have signed up for the service.
Buzzy's curious if the juice is the same as it is when you register live, or if it's increased by 3-6 percent ... you'd think they would want to encourage this ... takes less staff, and people can register far in advance, which would give the casino a better idea of how many player to expect. But if the 3-6 percent is on top of what it normally costs, only the true fish would be signing up.