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    Default Access to I-gaming does NOT lead to increase in problem gaming in UK

    Everyone thought that when the UK Centre for Social Research released its report on problem gaming rates (the first since 1999), there would be a massive increase in problem gamblers because of the increased access to Internet gambling.

    As was reported almost everywhere yesterday, everyone was wrong.

    In fact, the report notes, only six per cent of all Brits gambled online at all last year, and the percentage of the population considered to be "problem gamblers" remains unchanged since 1999 at either 0.5 per cent or 0.6 per cent, depending on the metrics used. This suggests the ease of access to gambling on the internet has had no effect on the gambling habits of UK residents. (Burke Hansen, The Register)

    The commission's report can be found here ... perhaps Barney Frank et all can use this to defuse all the cries that Internet gambling CAUSES problem gambling.

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    Very intersting study. I wonder what could the U.S. government and all the anti online gambling activists around would try to put now as an excuse for trying to ban it altogether in the world?

    Could any online gambing company affected by the events in the U.S. actually end up suing the government of the United States - especially those outside the country - on the basis of causing them major financial problems with no scientific or industrial basis?

    We have to remember that there have been also WTO rulings on this matter. So I guess it is good news.

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    The results of the report were great news for the gaming industry, especially due to the fact that it was a UK Government commissioned report. I think they were more surprised than anyone.

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