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    Default Advert Bans from Sweden to the UK: APCW Perspectives for 5 June, 2020

    Advert Bans from Sweden to the UK

    It's not difficult to get an advertisement
    banned in Sweden or the United Kingdom.
    In fact, it seems that just about any advert for
    gambling can be banned for just about anything.
    Also, Playtech has pledged money to help fight
    gambling addiction after taking responsibility
    for catastrophic player protection failures.


    Links to News Stories:

    Sweden Bans Maria Casino Ad:
    ASA pulls Coral Tweet:
    Playtech Pledges 3.5 Million:
    Safer Gambling Week:

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    There’s so much nonsense and negativity going on in the world today and not just for our industry (as if the coronavirus isn’t bad enough) and now Australia has just officially entered into a recession after 29 years and the worst is yet to come It’s crazy what’s going on in the world these days, especially with the civil disturbance over George Floyd’s very sad and untimely death

    Where’s the Justice anymore!?

    That despicable so-called officer was on his neck for nearly 9 whole minutes with the full weight of his body and none of the other foolish officers did anything but just stood by and watched on mindlessly.

    The smallest acts of kindness goes a long way and can make all the difference, but there’s very little of that anymore.

    At the rate things are going, I wonder what the foreseeable future holds..

    Keep your top-quality videos coming JT.
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