I have some advertising available on my network.

Prices are shown below, feel free to contact me if you are interested in any positions.

Please email advertisers // @ // deuceace.com

The network bar has now been added to all sites interlinking the network.
You can view the bar for example here.

Payment can be made by PokerStars, FullTilt or Neteller. Email me for any other payment methods.

There is a 5% discount for 3-5 months, 10% for 6-11 months and 15% for 12 months.


Directory Links: 9.95/year or 25.95/permanent for regular listings and 14.95/year or 49.95/permanent for featured links

Featured links are shown above all regular listings and receive more clicks than regular.
Email Shots: 39.95 / month

3 emails minimum sent to close to 3000 subscribed members, there will be a maximum of 4 other advertisers with a guaranteed 3 emails sent each month - This works out at 0.001/user!
Personal Page: 49.95 / month

Personal pages give you your own page on DeuceAce with no links apart from internal (To other DeuceAce pages) and navigation links.
Your personal page can include your own button ads, banners, text links and content.
Your personal page will be linked to from thousands of pages on DeuceAce using your anchor text (Up to 20 characters) giving your page great SEO and search engine ranking power!
Pages are linked to from the "Related" tab in the header.

An example is http://www.deuceace.com/rakebackpages.php - This page got PR5!

My Mac Poker

Sitewide Navigation Text Links : 7.50
Sitewide Footer Text Links : 5.00 / month
468*60 Banner : 5.00 / month
Sitewide 120*60 BUtton Ad : 7.50 / month

Flop Or Fold:
Sitewide Footer Text Links : 9.95 / month
Sitewide Left Nav Button : 14.95 / month (Special offer)
Header Banner: 9.95

Rakeback Bob
Sitewide Footer Text Links : 7.95 / month

Gambling Affiliatez (PR4 - Great for SEO!)
Sitewide Footer Text Links : 7.95 / month
Sitewide RIght Nav Text Links: 9.95 / month

Non Stop Arcade (7000 uniques / month - Great click through rate for buttons and banners and thousands of pages all indexed to give backlinks to advertisers)
Sitewide Right Nav Text Links : 9.95 / month
Header Banner: 14.95 / month
Right Nav Button: 9.95 / month