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    Default Advocates betting on online gambling in U.S.

    Rumors of online gambling regulation have heated up again. Is there fire with all of this smoke? Only time will tell, but many advocates of online gambling believe regulation will happen in the United States, at either the state or federal level.

    Bartholomew Sullivan of the Scripps Howard News Service published a nice write-up what's been going on in legislatures across the United States in regards to online gambling. That link can be found here:

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    This sort of jibber has been going on for years and nothing has ever came out of it. The day that they (gov) figures out how to get paid then it will be legal, until then it wont - as with a lot of things its all about the benjamins! I just hope that the day it does go legal that some of these shady online programs arent given an opportunity to get a piece of the pie - I hope they are all ran out of biz!

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