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    Default affiliate advice on sportsbooks/bookies

    I know I could (partially) get the answer to this by going looking at half a dozen high-ranked sports betting affiliate sites across different regions...

    But (perhaps cheekily) I'm trying to save some investigative time and I'm pretty clueless on the likely answers (aside from the fairly obvious)...

    So, I'm looking for a select list of sportsbooks/bookies (aside from 365) that:

    At least serve the APAC region in general (ideally all or some of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc etc)
    Ideally also serve UK/Europe
    Ideally CALA
    Bonus if they also cater to US/Canada
    Smaller bonus AU and NZ

    And also...

    Have affiliate programs with...

    No negative carryover
    A reasonable reputation for payment
    Zero (or at least as low as possible) quotas


    Shooting for the moon, I suspect. But at least a negative answer will let me rule out specific options.
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