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    Posting for reference. Taken from in the closed Affiliate Edge Forum and posted by Michael.

    There have been various threads in which there has been speculation regarding a relationship between Affiliate Edge and AffPower. The purpose of this post is to share information provided by Affiliate Edge regarding its relationship with AffPower.

    I quote below a relevant snippet from an email message I received from Stuart Ferster, one of the two brothers currently managing Affiliate Edge, using the email address
    Originally Posted by Email from Stuart Ferster sent to Michael Corfman

    We brought in through a friend of a friend a small team of people whose sole role was to chase the companies debt so we could pay Staff, Players and Affiliates... The consultants were NOT aff power workers. Not at all. 2 of them were there to chase the debt, one of those 2 also does work for xxxxxx the software provider for Aff Power. We received 2 payments in the very early stage from Aff Power Limited to fund the business We needed this as our banks were frozen and in yyyyyy's name only and the courts had told us it was a 2 week process [to gain control of the funds], by which point it would have been the new year.

    This was a processor paying them as our banks were frozen and we had a Christmas deadline to pay staff and players. Aff Power happened to use the same processor and they had a connection there thankfully. No more funds since have come from there.
    We did not break any money laundering laws in doing so. The consultants barring two that i had to bring back (who come once a month for a week) have left. We promised the staff we would not close down. We promised them there jobs were safe. They are.
    I have also been forwarded an email received from the same address by another affiliate that touches on the relationship between Affiliate Edge and Affpower:
    Quote Originally Posted by Email from sent to another affiliate

    The Aff Power group do not control of own any part of this company. They were not personally involved, staff members of their parent company happened to help us recover money so we could pay players and affiliates...
    So, from these email messages, we can see Affiliate Edge asserts:

    1) That staff members of the parent company of Aff Power and/or a staff member of an Aff Power software provider were engaged to provide consulting services to them related to debt collection.

    2) That they have received funding twice from Aff Power Limited in the early stages, but not thereafter.

    3) That they share payment processors with Aff Power.

    4) That the relationship they have is with the parent company of Aff Power and not with Aff Power itself.

    Exit stage left

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    I'm new to these forums (so bear with me) but this is a really interesting thread! I've been hit with a similar situation, but the difficulty with the T&Cs is that they're allowed to modify them by "posting the new agreement on the site" rather than notifying each additional affiliate. All the affiliate programs seem to do it - William Hill, Bet365, 32Red and Ladbrokes to name a few (many of them plcs). Its basically a contractual dispute but this clause enables them to move the goalposts and theres not much we can do about it!

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    Yes, I think after their split or takeover, whichever it was, things have changed. I promoted them for the last few years and I think the only payment I have received were a miserable few hundred dollars.

    The traffic I was sending was not huge, but was quite OK, I think. I think it was 30 to 50 new registrations a month.. My conversion rate for RTG brands on other aff programs are more or less 10%. That is 1 depositor to 10 new registrations. But at that program it was not going at all.

    I have decided to remove the brands from my websites. The manager there gives lousy explanations.

    Like this one.

    1. Iím sure we can work something out for you here, so I can, please can you tell me what you think would be a realistic FTD expectation per month with the exposure you have available?
    2. The Adjusted amount , this refers to either adjustments for the 10% commission, or player wins. If you run the earnings report you can see them in more detail.
    3. Youíre right, the volume is the total bets of players. The reason why your commission is not calculated on the volume is because this will be made up as a cumulative total of what the player has wagered, so commission is calculated on what the player wins or loses.
    4. The players are tagged to your account and never untagged.
    Yes, I have been affected by 10% inactivity terms changes.
    The picture demonstrates it

    Then I dont understand the volume?

    Anyways, I don't promote it anymore and untill the things won't change, I am sure we can find better brands to work with!

    Do you agree with me?

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    AE is now corrupt and no serious affiliate is working with them. You need to get in touch with Martyn Beacon who basically built their player base. He posts here and will set you up with a proper replacement.

    ETA: I don't think you've got enough posts to send a PM so I will send one to you, with Martyn's details.

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    Thanks FictionNet.

    CasinoBingoFriends, give me a shout if I can be of any help when looking for an alternative US option. I'm sure I can help you fill some gaps and generate decent commissions.

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