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    Default Affiliate Interview Series: Earl Gunner Moore - Skinski

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    Age: 48
    Hometown: Socastee, South Carolina
    City currently residing in: Conway, South Carolina
    Favorite food: Whole hog barbecue
    One book everyone must read: I’m going to have to say the Bible. Whether it’s for your own religious beliefs or not, there is just so much that can be taken from it – so many stories and so many fables.
    Sites:,,,, and part owner of

    Looking at the names of several of your sites, we have to ask: Are you a fan of Mississippi Delta music?

    Very much so. I’ve never been one for a lot of electronics in music and just love the sound of the guitar and harmonica. I prefer the old tunes over the new stuff. With my upbringing I just relate to the old sounds a lot more. As I was growing up, the family used to get together and play (mostly blues, country and bluegrass). It was quite a lot of fun, just hanging out in the yard, maybe have a piece of meat on the grill while playing and singing tunes with family and friends.

    Do you hang out at any of the House of Blues venues?

    I’ve been to a couple of the shows back several years ago, but here at the local HOB in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it’s mostly the harder rock bands that you’ll find . . . not quite my choice of music.

    And where does Aaron Neville fit into all of this?

    He’s not the blues, but man, what a voice! It’s hard to believe that such a high-pitched and soulful sound can come from a man of his size.

    In your member bio, you list your occupation as carpenter. How do you budget your time? How many hours a week for the day job, how many for your sites – and how many for spending with your grandchildren?

    I started in construction straight out of high school as a 16-year-old graduate. I loved building, but a few years ago I started running out of breath very easily and was finding it harder and harder to talk. I was diagnosed with cancer and am no longer able to work in it full time. Thankfully I can talk again after surgery (the wife can’t get me to shut up now). I’m probably working on the sites 30 to 40 hours a week (if not more). The only time you’ll not find me doing something pertaining to my sites is if the wife is off work or some of the grandkids are over. I’ve got six grandsons and one granddaughter. Three of the grandsons live close by, so we see them quite frequently. One grandson spent most all of his days with me for the first year and a half of his life . . . I felt that I was his dad there for a while. lol

    What do you do when you need to unwind?

    I enjoy my vegetable garden when weather permits and I like to read (most anything that’s in print). I’ve had vegetable gardens most all of my life and just cannot imagine not having one. When not on the PC working, visiting friends will usually find me out back piddling around in the garden or by the shed.

    Are you still a biker?

    No longer able to ride, but still have some old friends who do. They hold rallies round these parts a couple times a year and I try to go meet with a few of them when they’re in town. It was a group of those friends who gave me the nickname “Skinski” back around 1980 due to my being one to shave my head.

    What are your thoughts on when someone should stop promoting a poorly performing site?

    I think I’m guilty of hanging on and continuing to plug a site that’s not earning me money too long just because I like the site (or go way back with it), so I’m probably not the best one to ask. I’ve never been a quitter, but I think that sometimes you have to just cut the strings and start anew. I’m just really starting to learn the correct way to do a lot of things on building pages and such, like tags and keyword research and all that. That being the case, I’m working on some major changes at all my sites, and when I get them all set up properly it’ll be a wait-and-see situation. If you’ve done everything possible and a site has not made you money in a few months you definitely should be thinking of making some changes.

    How much time does it take to keep your sites updated?

    I’m usually up and at the computer by seven a.m. After checking my mail I visit the forums at GPWA and a couple others. I then spend the next three or four hours working on updating my sites for the different promotions that I can find, or just adding content. I’ll usually spend the afternoons back and forth – outside with the dogs (an old black Lab named Waylon and a Shar-pei named Moe that’s just a year and half old) and inside on the PC to read and to see what I can learn from my fellow affiliates. I might even write a bit more content. If I’m not writing something I’m working behind the scenes to straighten out the mess I’ve made on the sites the last few years.

    Do you use a content management system to manage your site?

    No, but it’s definitely something I should look into as I grow .

    What do your wife (of almost 30 years!), family and friends think of your work as an affiliate?

    The wife supports me 100%; without that support I’d not be able to spend so much time learning how to better my sites. She even went out and bought me a new desktop for Christmas with her bonus. Family and friends think it’s pretty cool, but I don’t think they comprehend just how much work is really involved. Some of them really think that it’s mostly all fun and games.

    What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started?

    I don’t know where to even begin! For the most part I spent the first few years too embarrassed to ask fellow affiliates for advice or help with problems. That’s something I wish I had gotten over much sooner. Affiliates at places like the GPWA and PAL are for the most part some of the most helpful people you will meet online and I wish I would have reached out for advice much sooner.

    How has the GPWA helped you grow as an affiliate?

    The active members at the GPWA are a close-knit group, and are always willing to answer questions from fellow members. I’ve really started loosening up and asking more of those questions that I was always afraid to ask before, and the amount of help now coming my way is just unbelievable. From code work to SEO to which rooms are the safest places to promote to your readers, there are a lot of knowledgeable people at the GPWA who are willing to share that knowledge just for the asking.

    If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be, and why?

    Repealing the UIGEA. Besides the obvious, I’m one to believe that tax and regulation would be a good thing. People hate taxes, but we have to be realistic and regulation is the only option I see for getting rid of the rogue sites that are out there.

    What advice can you offer people who are just starting up in the industry?

    Join forums like the GPWA and PAL, and then participate. Don’t just lurk around in the background. Sure, you’ll learn little, but you’ll learn so much more by becoming an active member at these sites and participating. Form those online “bonds”!

    What’s your favorite vacation spot, and why?

    Townsend, Tennessee – “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies.” We’ve always lived out in the country and are not much for the hustle and bustle of the big city. The Smoky Mountains are such a beautiful part of the U.S. and it’s so relaxing to be out camping with the sound of the rushing waters of the Little Tennessee River.

    What’s your favorite movie?

    That’s a tough one. I’ll say “The Shawshank Redemption.”

    If you could have one “super power,” what would it be, and why?

    I wouldn’t call it a “super power,” but I’d love to have the ability to feed the world. In this day and time it is such a shame that there are still those who have to deal with hunger.

    What are three things that nobody knows about you?

    1. I was run over by a truck when I was six and given up for dead. I spent a month and a half in a coma but made it through.<br>
    2. The wife says I’m really one of the softest-hearted people she knows, and it’s led me to do some pretty careless things in the past. Years ago I picked up a hitchhiker and brought him into our home. We fed the man and let him clean himself up. The guy spent the night, and the next morning the wife packed him a lunch as she did mine. I dropped him off at the beach, gave him twenty bucks, and went on my way to go about my business. Imagine my surprise when we found out later on the local news that there was a manhunt out for this feller!<br>
    3. Three years ago June the docs said I only had a matter of months to live after they found my lungs covered with spots. Also, I could hardly talk due to cancer and polyps on my vocal cords. The wife couldn’t drive my old Ford truck so I sold it and bought her a used Volvo. I’d always wanted to see Niagara Falls before I died, and an online friend who lived in Canada invited us up to stay in his camper. So we went with what funds I had left over from the sale of the truck. I thought at the time that it would be one last trip with the wife, then I’d come home and die. While we were there the online friend, “Hacksaw2000,” showed me this Web site that he and a bunch of online associates had started . . . they had actually raised quite a tidy sum of money for my medical expenses and bills. That gave me a whole new outlook. I went back home and the first thing I did was get the vocal cord surgery done so I could talk normally again. That was the beginning of my proving the docs wrong. I’ll always be so thankful to the online poker community for what they did. Sure do wish I had kept my old Ford truck, though. lol
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    I remember reading this in the mag and was almost in tears reading the last part.

    It's amazing what motivation and positivity can do for one's health. Glad you made it through mate
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    And to think, I've had another birthday and this year I enrolled in school to earn a Bachelor Of Science in Information Technology.
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    great interview bud

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    Perhaps the best interview in this series. This series is extremely valuable for the community because you see here persons in there real life beyond just the gambling world.

    I would prefer if we had an extra forum for all the interviews, so that one can browse there for this or that interview.

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    Outstanding interview Earl!

    You set a new standard for the Affiliate Interview Series.


    I like the idea of having a place where all the interviews are, let me see what I can do.
    I am here to help if you have any issues with an affiliate program.
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    Great read! I recall the mag article but it was done so well it was worth another go.

    Good luck in your schooling! It must be quite a challenge to return to the books after all these years. I admire you for that.
    "People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity." ~Andrew Carnegie~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nandakishore View Post
    I would prefer if we had an extra forum for all the interviews, so that one can browse there for this or that interview.
    One of the development efforts we are working on behind-the-scenes for GPWA 4.0 is about creating more visibility for the interviews we do with members. Our plans are to feature an interview on the home page of the site and also to link to a place where we have collected all of the interviews together so it is easy to browse through them all.

    We've been very pleased with how open and sharing members have been in the interviews and feel they deserve to be highlighed to folks even more than is currently the case.

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