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    Default Affiliate Interview Series: Jamie - Players Luck - Jamie

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    HOMETOWN: Wellington
    LIVING IN: New Zealand
    FAVORITE FOOD: Marmite on Toast
    MUST READ BOOK: Titanic: Echo of the Dying Confession, by Troy Veenstra

    In your member biography you tell us that you’ve been in online gambling for five years. How did you get started in the industry, and when did you launch your own site?

    Well, it actually started through watching my partner and also having an interest in gambling online myself. I used to gamble online all the time and then realized I could make a living off promoting online casinos, poker and bingo sites. I made an attempt as a learning curve with a couple of old sites, then I opened World Gambling Association and more recently No Deposit Casinos Review.

    How long was it before you started making money?

    I would have to say it was almost four to six months before I started seeing figures I wanted to see, although I would say I am not earning anywhere near what some are, but I only do this as a part-time hobby at this stage.

    According to your profile, you are just 24 years old. Is this your first “job”? Or have you worked in other industries, as well?

    I have had a few jobs, mainly in the hospitality industry. More recently I have been studying to further my career in youth mental health disabilities. I am also focused on helping offending youth to point their lives in a more acceptable direction.

    What are your goals for the World Gambling Association site?

    To be like the GPWA, of course . . . lol “kidding.” I don’t think any other site could be as good as the GPWA, but I would hope to aim for a site that’s very similar and very informative for players and affiliates. I love meeting new people and having a site of my own. I have made a lot of new friends in this industry.

    When did you start your other site, No Deposit Casinos Review? Why did you focus on no-deposit bonuses? What differentiates it from World Gambling Association? Is there any overlap?

    I only started this around a month or so ago. I really don’t know why I focused on no-deposit bonuses. At the time I thought it would be good for Google and SEO. While we feature no-deposit offers we do try to focus on other match offers as well. If you attract the right kind of people and not bonus hunters, no-deposit bonuses can work, but overall they do cost both the casino and affiliate.

    Your two sites share a community forum. What have you learned about operating a forum that's really surprised you? Do you have any advice for affiliates who are considering adding a forum to their site?

    I am just starting the forum, to be honest, and trying to build up a really good community. The main reason I want a forum is so I can interact with my players and make new friends. It also builds up trust with the players and makes them feel they have a place where they can communicate. Much like affiliate forums it’s really good to hear player feedback on casinos they play at. I would advise anyone starting up a forum to do it carefully; it’s very hard to build a forum and maintain it.

    How much time does it take to keep your sites up to date?

    Well, because I foster children I work from home, I am on my sites nearly four to eight hours a day, learning ways to improve them and reading at the GPWA!

    Tell us about your interest in cars. Do you race them? Collect them? Please enlighten us!

    I drive them! I love seeing modified cars and the things people such as boy racers do to modify their rides. I love watching them at racetracks and would love to try racing one day. Holden cars RULE!!!

    You and your life partner are foster parents. How did you become involved in that program?

    Unexpectedly, actually. We had my 13-year-old cousin come to live with us when his parents passed away. We then went on to helping three other teenagers whose families had kicked them out on the street. It’s a very challenging task and you get no thanks for helping these troubled kids. At times we have had families threaten us, but that’s what makes us more determined to help these kids. All children we foster suffer from serious mental-health issues such as ADHD and Serious Conduct Disorder. One child we foster at the moment has a serious drug addiction and is bipolar, so we are under a lot of stress 24/7.

    Shortly before the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, your country was hit by a large quake. How did you survive the quake? What did it feel like when it was going on? What is the situation now in New Zealand in the aftermath of that disaster?

    This is a very sad time for New Zealand. Although it is nowhere near as bad as Japan we have suffered in our own way. Our home was one of the lucky ones, however. So many people have suffered a huge loss and some lost their entire families in this quake. We have on average 10 to 20 minor quakes each day now, and it still scares all of us each time they hit. I feel strongly for the people of Japan and our own country. I do think there is a bigger earthquake heading for New Zealand, though!

    Where do you weigh in on Grand Privé’s recent initiative to bring affiliates back into their program?

    I would say stay the hell away from them. They owe a lot of affiliates money and yet they expect to come back in and expect people to promote them.

    What do your friends and family think of your work as an affiliate?

    To be honest, they think it’s a joke. But the good thing is seeing their faces when checks come in!

    What’s the most difficult thing about operating your sites?

    For me, it's writing. I am not the best writer, which makes it hard to work with my sites. I do my best and try to correct mistakes I make as I go.

    What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry?

    I recommend that they read a lot about SEO and site building, and read forums before they launch their sites. I also recommend that they write their own content. The more you write, the better your chances of turning up in search engines’ results. So, make your sites interesting, imagine that you are a player, look at your sites through players’ eyes and you will see what you need to add, and what you need to improve.

    What do you wish you'd known about the online gaming industry before you started in it?

    How nasty some people can get. It blows me away. I have been attacked personally and seen others verbally threatened in this industry. It’s actually amazing the lengths to which some people will go. As for the personal attacks on the forums, it needs to stop before it destroys this industry.

    How did you discover the GPWA? How has the GPWA helped you in your work as a gambling portal webmaster?

    I found them once again via my partner. The GPWA has helped me make many friends and get really good advice from people who have been in the industry longer than I have.

    How do you like to spend your time off?

    Relaxing with the kids and my partner. We have two dogs, a cat and a bird and enjoy maintaining our home and running our own little zoo at home.

    What’s your favorite vacation spot?

    Vegas, baby!

    If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you would definitely take them to see?

    I would take them to our Sky Tower in Auckland, the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand, and then to the casino, of course!

    What’s the first concert you ever attended in person?

    Michael Jackson.

    If you were directing and starring in a movie, who would you cast as your romantic interest?

    Hmmm, I would have to say I have too many to list!
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    Nice interview Jamie!

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    sites are not working

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    Great interview Jamie, you look like you have a full plate to deal with on the home front

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    Enjoyed reading your interview Jamie. I wish you all the best with your projects.

    Internet casinos

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    Hey Jamie,

    Nice interview is down?


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    Nice interview Jamie!


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    Thanks all just noticed this, Been sick in bed the last couple of days. But seem to be coming right now. Our site should be up, it is from our end.

    Edit: I see the URLS "Above" are pointing to our old domains. We only have at this stage. Could one of the staff please take out the old domains from my profile please and only have Players Luck showing.

    Thank you in advance

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    Great interview! You've got a strong heart bro, I have friends who are weekend brothers to kids from messed up families, and I can appreciate how hard it can be to be foster parents to kids with bigger problems then the average kids.

    You also have pretty strong tastebuds for Marmite. I haven't made much of a dent in the bottle I have in the pantry... bought it 2 years ago haha.

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    I know this isn't gambling related but hats off to you, fostering children at at such a young age
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