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Age: 30
Hometown: Winchester, UK
City currently residing in: Canterbury
Favorite food: A good old steak
One book everyone must read: Bad Luck and Trouble, by Lee Child

You’ve posted that you’ve done marketing for Citroen and Peugeot, and worked as a “specific information analyst.” First of all, what’s a “specific information analyst”? What did you do for Citroen and Peugeot? And how did any or all of this experience prepare you for getting into online gambling?
Specific Information Analyst was the best name I could find for it without getting into trouble. Certain companies hire certain individuals to gain specific information on other companies. It paid very well, but I do not use the skills I acquired in anything now.

The Citroen and Peugeot work was in the repossession sector, arranging repossessions when finance was not paid. It was an interesting job, especially when it came to reasons why the vehicle had to be collected and sold. I remember one job where we went out with the repossession agents in Wimbledon, London, and the people we were taking the car from chucked a washing machine off the eighth floor. It landed about 10 feet away but you could feel the impact.

I guess the job with Citroen helped me learn how to deal with people through using a more manageable approach. We learnt how to manipulate and negotiate, which can be very handy.

What prompted you to join the online gambling industry? Why did you become an affiliate?
After working as an SIA, life became pretty boring. I was just surfing one day and saw an online casino with the word “affiliates” at the bottom. I clicked the link and thought I may as well do this – it gives me something to do.

Are you a full-time affiliate? Or do you do this part-time and work somewhere else at the same time?
Full time definitely; it really is hard work. All these sites you see promising thousands to work from home make me laugh; they make it sound so easy. I go out of my way to visit these types of sites to relieve my stress – hilarious!

When did you launch QwertyCasino, and how long was it before you started earning money? How did you come up with the name QwertyCasino for your site?
By Christmas I had started earning what would be considered a normal monthly wage. From then on the figures started hitting the roof. It’s strange how some casinos perform better than others. Some have had no sign-ups at all whereas others are making thousands. I thought of QwertyCasino as it would be easy to remember. It’s the first thing most see when they look at a keyboard, so free advertising is halfway there. It’s a shame CASINO isn’t on the second line, really! I think I must certainly hold some sort of record for typing qwerty!

You also have a site devoted to Grand National betting. How does marketing this site differ from marketing QwertyCasino?
They are similar in the way that they are both related to gambling but that is where it stops. There is so much information with regards to horse racing that apart from just the introductions I felt it necessary to let the public fill the content with their memories and stories, so it practically works for itself now. We decided to give half of all profits on this to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre, which looks after retired horses. So many people cheer horses on but couldn’t care less when they retire. We just want to give something back, really.

What prompted you to join the GPWA?
I first joined because I wanted the seal of approval. It was only when I looked into it a bit further that I discovered how bloody helpful it was. We are in one of the most competitive online markets out there, and the way people help each other out is beyond description. If I bought a pint for every piece of great advice I have received there would be enough beer for a small country! The advice you receive regarding SEO, opinions of your site and information regarding affiliate programs is paramount to being successful in the online gambling industry.

What influence, if any, does feedback from GPWA members have on you as you develop and fine-tune your site?
A major influence. Without it I would probably only be earning very little if anything at all. There are numerous members that when then they type, you read, every time. They offer so much that you wonder what would happen if they were to quit.

Do you like to gamble? If so, what are your favorite games at a live casino, and what are your favorites online?
I don’t do the casino thing. I played once at a real casino in Kiev and came away with a nice bit of money. I mainly flutter on the horses and have a William Hill account.

Recently you solicited GPWA members’ opinions regarding online scratch games. What are your current thoughts – any interest in giving them a trial?
We have placed a scratchcard program on our “Best Gambling Games” page, which includes games that most would not be familiar with online. We are doing a trial on the scratchcards. No joy yet, but it’s early days.

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Why?
Lapland. It is a beautiful area of Finland. I have not been there in the summer yet but in winter there are only 5 hours of daylight so you are skiing under floodlights. I met the real Santa – he doesn’t drink, at least he didn’t when I was there; I suppose he had a lot of work on.

What does your family think about your work as an affiliate?
Very skeptical at first: “Oh, it’s just a con,” and “You won’t make any money.” I guess that’s what families are for. I have a supportive partner, though, and she enjoys spending the money at least!

For those of us who don’t know much about it, tell us something about rugby that will inspire us to take a closer look.
An amazing game of team play, played by real men. There is total respect for the referees, no faking of injuries, and full-on contact without those US helmets and padding. The Times [London] suggested it was the most dangerous team sport in the world. If you were to watch England versus Australia in 2003 at the World Cup Final or New Zealand versus France in the 2007 World Cup Quarter Final you would be hooked.

Now for golf. Who’s your favorite player? How often and (if it’s not too personal) how well do you play?
I don’t have a favorite player. I find the pros very skilled but they have major advantages when playing. Me, I play about four times a month, and am not very good. Then again I don’t have hundreds of spectators flattening the rough!

What do you know now about the industry that you wish you’d known when you got started?
How much hard work it takes. When I first started I was looking at 2 to 3 hours a day, but that went straight out the window when I purchased a book on Web sites and how to get better rankings. You just have to keep going. My target is not to make as much money as possible but to make it a successful Web site with good rankings. It keeps your mind active.

In your opinion, what makes a good affiliate manager?
Hard work, patience and flexibility.

If you had to pick 5 keys to success as an affiliate, what would they be and why?
Hard work – there is no easy way of making money.
Patience – it takes time to make something successful; never rush anything.
Flexibility – how you adapt to change is very important. Always adapt positively.
Timing – make a To-Do list and stick with it. Tick things off as you go.
Resources – sources such as the GPWA are too valuable to ignore.

If you were casting a movie with yourself in the starring role, who would play your romantic interest? Why?
My partner, because she would kill me if I didn’t. She has played as an extra in numerous movies.

If someone was cooking the perfect dinner for you, what would you want? And why?
I would like something completely different and probably illegal like Dolphin Soup followed by Filet of Giraffe with a Kangaroo Jus.

People in the online gambling industry tend to like gadgets. What’s your favorite gadget? And why?
My MP3 player is very handy, plays songs and stores important files. I hate anything that rings at me where I have to press something to stop it from ringing.

Finally, please tell us three things that nobody knows about you.
I collect graded US coins. I skied the World Cup slope in Levi, Lapland. I read about 80 percent of The Times every day.