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LIVING IN: Mauritius and India
MUST READ BOOK: The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand

Both of your sites provide players with information, news and gaming strategies. Which site brings you more income?

Are players more interested in bonuses and promotions or finding ways to beat the casino?

What in your opinion is the best strategy for winning at slots?
Bet on the maximum number of paylines to increase the chances of winning the jackpot and go for slot machines that offer bonus rounds.

Do players looking for promotions tend to stick around at a casino after they've played through the bonus offer? Or do you find you have a lot of bonus hunters?
These days there are a lot of bonus hunters, I guess due to the fact that casinos are coming up with new and lucrative bonuses almost every day. Players want to experience it all!

You have a lot of reviews of slot machines on your site. What are the most important components in a review of an online slot?
Slot theme, slot features including Wild symbols and Scatter symbols, bonus rounds, and jackpot value.

How do you pick the programs that you work with? What are the most important factors you weigh when considering a new program?
Programs that have:
  • A good reputation for paying their affiliates on time
  • A good CPA percentage

How long have you been involved in the industry? What drew you to the business?
Itís been more than three years now. I first worked in a gambling company earlier before realizing that being an affiliate is more fun and exciting.

Are you a full-time online gambling affiliate, or do you hold down another job as well?
No, Iím not a full-time affiliate; gambling is more or less my hobby. I do work as a digital marketer offering consultancy to other gambling operators.

What do you like about the industry?
The risk, competition and volatility.

What donít you like about the industry?
The fact that there are many casinos out there cheating players and giving out fake bonuses.

What surprised you most about the industry?
The United States accounts for the highest percentage of online gambling traffic and still the government has not made it legal. What better way for a country that is struggling to fight recession (to generate tax revenue)?

How long do you give yourself for responding to e-mail? And what e-mail tips can you offer?
I try to respond within 24 hours. E-mail should be very concise and not wordy. Donít make people hunt for information. Instead, put the information right in front of their face. Youíll be saving your readers a lot of time Ė and saving yourself some writing time, too! Also, e-mail should always be personalized; it makes it more effective.

How do you manage your ďto-doĒ lists? Do you use any special software to help you out?
I belong to the old school of thought, so usually my to-do lists are on my diary and sticky notes. Recently Iíve been using the calendar on my mobile due to a rather hectic travel schedule.

Time management is one of the biggest issues facing affiliates. What time-management tips can you offer your fellow webmasters?
When you leave a job and become a full-time affiliate to work from home and at your leisure, there can be a lot of distractions. Some things that have helped me stay focused are maintaining a to-do list, blocking people on chat who engage in conversations during the work hours, and not going on websites like Facebook and Twitter. The key is, make a plan and stick to it. Have more self-control and donít be distracted too easily.

How much time does it take to keep your sites updated?
Around two hours every day, although sometimes I skip updating for two or three days (blame it on my poor time management!).

How do you use social media to promote your sites, and what role does SEO play in your efforts to improve your site rankings?
I give a lot of focus to Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Using social media tends to encourage conversation and create loyal players. SEO undoubtedly is the key to generating traffic. Google Search is the biggest source of my traffic, and thus the importance of SEO.

Do you ever contract outsiders to do SEO for you, or do you always do it yourself?
Being an online marketer myself, I make the strategy and implement on-site SEO. For off page and link building, I do have some freelancers working with me to promote the websites.

What prompted you to join the GPWA, and how has it helped you so far?
The GPWA is the biggest gambling forum in my opinion and being here has been awesome. I have been able to interact with a lot of people with similar interests and learn a lot about the latest industry trends.

If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be, and why?
Michael Jackson (he is my favorite Ė need I say more?)
Steve Jobs (the best innovator I have ever seen)
Jesus (it would be good to meet God in person)
George Carlin (best comedian ever)
My Ma (itís because of her I am where I am today)

When you need to get as far away from work as possible, where do you go?
A long road trip to an unknown destination.

How do your family and friends feel about the way you make your living?
They have come to terms with what I do with my life. Surprisingly they are very supportive now.

If you were a Star Trek (or Star Wars) character, which one would it be?
Luke Skywalker.

If you won $50 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Let me get the money first, I will do the thinking later!

If you were a brick in a wall, which brick would you be and why?
Arenít all the bricks the same?!

What are three things that nobody knows about you?
Some things are better kept a secret. . . .