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Hometown: Riga/Tel Aviv
Favorite Sports: Football, rafting
Preferred Pastimes: Traveling
Favorite TV Shows: “National Geographic,” “Discovery World”
Favorite Drink: Fresh orange juice with lots of ice

What separates Luck3 from other online casinos?
When I came to my job interview I was told the story of how Luck3 Online Casino was created and I loved it. The main idea was first to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of different online casinos, taken from the personal experience of the creators of Luck3, and then to create a better casino, one that would be much more friendly. And now I can see that it's really the main issue here, at Luck3 – to do everything possible to be more customer friendly and to keep improving casino services. Right now customers can play at Luck3 Casino without registering; they can play for free; they can use the most popular and secure payment systems – and those are just the basics. Luck3 keeps adding more payment systems, more languages (Chinese, German, and Spanish versions are coming soon), more games: poker, sportsbook, skilled games, and much more – all part of doing everything possible to be more friendly for its customers.I think the main reason why I'd say Luck3 is different from other online casinos is that Luck3 isn't afraid to be innovative and creative.
It’s lovely to see how many tournaments, unusual competitions, and bonuses are either on the way to or already in Luck3’s promotional section.

Luck3 has many unique games, including virtual horse and greyhound racing. Why did you include those games in your casino?
There are actually 12 games similar to virtual horse and greyhound racing that were included in Luck3 Casino. There is only one reason why it was done: to try to please all types and kinds of customers. We realize that people have different interests and preferences and we do the best we can to be able to offer more.

3Aff uses Post Affiliate Pro to provide online reporting of statistics for its affiliates. What distinguishes the Post Affiliate Pro statistical reports from others on the market?
Post Affiliate Pro was chosen over all other programs because of its proven good reputation. It's known among affiliates and it provides affiliate managers and our affiliate partners with reliable statistical reports. Real-time reports, quick updates, user-friendly system – all that lets us work with our partners in the most open, fair, and comfortable way.

Most of the affiliate managers we talk to say building trust with their affiliates is critical to success. How do you go about building trust with your affiliates?
Well, we definitely agree with this point of view. We put a lot of effort into building trust with our partners and will continue doing everything possible to make sure that trust, respect, and transparency are built into our relationship.
We do give the best support: we dedicate a personal affiliate manager to each and every partner; we work on special campaigns together with our partners, considering special conditions; and we’re always happy to hear innovative and nonstandard ideas from our partners. This is our way to build trust.
We do realize that our partners’ success is our success; therefore we think of interesting ways of improving the results of our partnership and common revenue.
One of these “interesting ways” is our Spring Affiliate Contest – “Affiliate Rush” – which will start very soon. We invite each and every one to participate.

Besides trust, what are the keys to building successful relationships between affiliates and affiliate programs?
First of all, it's a reputation that is extremely important.
Second, it's very important to be active all the time, to keep moving on: keep improving, keep adding new features. Strive to be innovative; don’t be afraid to change or try something new.
Third, affiliate programs are created in order to get revenue. It is the main and common aim of the casino and its partners. Therefore, from our side we are interested in and responsible for providing good quality products and services in order to convert a maximum percent of players into our and our partners’ revenue.

Luck3 prides itself on converting players. What are the keys to Luck3’s ability to convert players?
The Luck3 team pays serious attention to development of new promotions and bonuses, and organizes new and interesting tournaments and contests all the time.
Some of these are meant to entertain and attract customers, but some are specially created to encourage customers to return or to remain at the Luck3 onlinecasino. For example, all our customers get birthday bonuses. Each holiday, we create appropriate bonuses; our last one was a St. Valentine's bonus.
Another example is our “Gold Rush” contest, where each player can win Gold Bullion every month! All he has to do is make a minimum unique deposit and wait for the result. This one is my favorite, actually.
We also keep working on our payout terms; we do our best to make this process faster and will keep shortening it until it satisfies even the most demanding customers.
We also offer the option of VIP status to our customers. VIP customers receive all kinds of benefits and special bonuses.
But even apart from our VIP service, we really take a personal approach and offer 24/7 support to all Luck3 clients.

How does 3Aff help affiliates localize their marketing efforts?
We are constantly monitoring our partners’ activity and looking after their results.
For each affiliate partner we suggest special bonuses, design special banners, and advise on certain campaigns that will match the partner's public and maximize our common revenue. Each partner has his or her own personal affiliate manager, and all of our affiliate managers always have time to dedicate to their assigned partners.

What is the most rewarding aspect to being an affiliate manager?
Oh, I love to communicate with people, make new friends and contacts, and learn from people! Apart from that, the most pleasant reward for me is to see the results of my work.

What are three critical challenges facing affiliate programs right now?
1. Honesty and transparency in relationships.
2. Lack of face-to-face relationships and meetings: most of the negotiations and discussions take place via chats, e-mails, and over the phone.
3. You must be extremely creative in order to surprise potential partners and to offer them something new and unique.

Please tell us about your background. Where did you grow up, and go to school? Where are you living now? And how did you end up there?
I was born in Riga City (the beautiful capital of Latvia), finished school in Riga, afterwards lived in Israel, and in September 2008 came back to Latvia again for a couple of years – maybe for more . By chance, Luck3’s Riga office was looking for affiliate/marketing managers, so I ended up here, in Europe. I am very happy here for now, although I miss Israel madly.

How did you get into the affiliate marketing business? What did you do beforehand?
As I mentioned above, it was by chance. Luck3 was looking for marketing managers for its office in Riga. I came for the interview and couldn't reject the offer. Previously I worked for an international marketing/advertising company and my skills really matched the position at Luck3.

What are some things you know now that you wish you knew before you joined the business?
I'm afraid there are none. I learned a lot and want to learn more. I really enjoy learning, especially as part of this friendly, dynamic, creative team !

What songs are currently on your iPod (or MP3 player)?
Aerosmith songs, Bob Marley songs, lots of different folk music.

What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? And if so, why?
The last book I read was The Best American Travel Writing, by Anthony Bourdain.I definitely did enjoy it!!! I recommend all of his books to my friends and family members.

What is your favorite movie? And why?
All the Indiana Jones movies. I’ve had a passion for adventures and traveling since I was a little girl, and Indiana Jones woke up this mad desire for adventures, challenges, and changes.

If you could have dinner with three other people, living or dead, who would they be and why?
I would invite President Obama, Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister of China in order to offer them the opportunity to become our Affiliate Partners and promote Luck3 Online Casino in their countries

If you could change one thing about the online gaming industry, what would it be?

I guess I would start with all countries in the world to be opened for online gambling.

Please describe your ideal day off.
Sincerely, every day of my life I would dedicate to traveling, visiting new places on Earth, and meeting lots of new and different people.
I'd use every single opportunity to travel somewhere I've never been before.

What are three things that no one knows about you?
I am confused by this question There are things that people don't believe I have problems, worries, fears, and complexes, although I do have all of them, like everyone else. I guess I never show any of this. I keep smiling and working to improve myself and the things around me. I try to stay positive as much as I can in any situation.