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How does Hollywood Poker differ from other programs?
We work very hard to help our affiliates market our product in a variety of different ways. As the market is shifting away from the U.S., we have been taking a lot of steps towards translated/localised landing pages and marketing tools. For example, in the last six months our graphic design team has created over 2,000 banners to help our affiliates market all the great bonuses and promotions offered by Hollywood Poker. These banners include English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish banners to help market Hollywood Poker internationally.

Are you running any World Series of Poker promos? If so, what are they and when do they run?
Yes, we are running three WSOP promotions. We have the “WSOP Freeroll your way to Fame!” promotion where players can play daily Freerolls leading to the Freeroll to Fame main event, where a player can win $2,500 WSOP dollars. Our “clubHOLLYWOODpoker $5,000 WSOP Freeroll” offers a $5,000 prize pool and an exclusive WSOP Dollars prize. Finally, we have our “WSOP Celebrity Shootout” which is a $20+2 tournament, with a $10,000 added WSOP Main Event entry. More information can be found on our Tournaments page.

What songs are on your iPod (or mp3 player)?
I’m a big music buff. I enjoy everything from Led Zeppelin, to the Beatles, to Radiohead. I am constantly in search of new music to fill my iPod.

What’s your next big purchase (personal)?
I would like to buy a house. The only question is where.

What was your favorite subject in school?
I always enjoyed Business.

What thing (event, person, or program) has influenced the way you conduct yourself or do business as an affiliate manager?
There are a number of affiliates who I really enjoy my relationship with. It is affiliates like these who make me strive to create more open and personal relationships, and to conduct myself in a very professional, but personal manner.

What’s the key to building successful relationships between affiliates and affiliate programs?
Communication and trust. Without these two things, the relationship will never be able to grow to its maximum potential.

How did you get started in this business?
I studied business administration in college which branched off into marketing. I really enjoyed the marketing aspect of business and decided to continue in a career which allows strong relationships in an exciting industry.

What’s the first concert you attended in person?
The Rolling Stones in Toronto, Canada.

What are your three keys to success for an affiliate?
I find there are many successful affiliates who have a niche market where they excel with a special offering. Some focus on rakeback, where others focus on giving away special gifts to their players as an added bonus. Aside from that, I would say affiliates who are involved in the program are successful. They always have the newest promotions on their websites, and are always checking their affiliate stats to monitor their progress. The only other key to success is communication. Affiliate Managers love to hear from their affiliates. Tell us what you like, and what could be improved. We are here to help. I couldn’t tell you how many custom banners, landing pages, or reports I have had created for affiliates who needed them.

Describe your ideal day off?
Playing guitar, a round of golf, and relaxing with a movie. Not necessarily in that order.

What are the keys to attracting players from all over the world? Or should affiliates concentrate on getting players from just one or two countries?
If there are special banners, or landing pages available in their local language, use them. Proper communication is the first step to attracting new players. If they don’t understand what the offer is, they can’t make use of it. We feel this is very important and is the reason for our constant translation of banners and landing pages.

If an affiliate is just starting out, it may be a good idea to focus on a smaller target market, and then broaden their scope as business picks up. There are many affiliates who focus on specific countries and have seen excellent results.

What's the most amount of money you've ever won at a casino?
You can win money at casinos? All I ever seem to do is lose money.

How did you choose the women for your Hollywood Poker 2007 calendar?
Every year, we have a contest to see who gets to be on the next Hollywood Poker calendar. We have a group of beautiful girls who apply, and we let the players on Hollywood Poker be the judges in a voting process. The girls with the most votes move on to be the Hollywood Poker Calendar Girls for the coming year.