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Casino Creed seems to be part of a new breed of online casinos focusing on live games. Why did you create CBN Gaming, which created the technology that powers Casino Creed's live games? And what are the qualities of live gaming that are helping it grow so quickly in the online gaming space?

Using CBN Gaming’s technology, Casino Creed streams live games from the floors of multiple licensed brick-and-mortar casinos simultaneously. This just seemed like a progressive “what’s next” approach to live games. In a genuine industry first, Casino Creed’s players will be able to choose from a selection of live games from real casinos. Creed’s multiplay feature means that players can play any tables on the Creed network at the same time. While that really brings a “wow” factor to the Casino Creed experience, I think the integrity of CBN’s product is the real story here. The original iGaming pioneers set out to create a casino experience online and I think CBN Gaming brings that process full circle by offering a traditional land-based casino experience over the Internet.

How long did it take you to develop the software for Casino Creed? What were the key stumbling blocks?

To really polish the live gaming and white-label platform has taken almost two years. However, as the first iGaming developer to utilize world-class investment banking technology to build our live games platform, I think we will see significant long-term benefits in terms of scalability and robustness. We really are ready for anything the market can throw at us.

What is the connection between Casino Creed and the Regent Casino in Bucharest? How did you begin working together?

CBN Gaming has had a long-term relationship with the Regent Casino. We built a bespoke live gaming platform for the casino itself and we now syndicate those feeds across third-party operators. We introduced new revenue channels for the casino and married that with a premium offering for online operators. Casino Creed is the first such B2C to carry Regent’s live feeds, but CBN will continue to manage and market the Regent’s feeds for widespread syndication purposes.

You're a serious veteran of the industry. You've worked for expekt, Bodog Europe, the Fortune Lounge Group and Interwetten, among others. How is the Casino Creed experience different for you – both from a personal standpoint and from the viewpoint of what a players and affiliates might see?

The product mix is unique and the live-games offering is an absolutely compelling glimpse of where the industry is going next. That means a better experience for players and a stronger story for affiliates. I get excited about which casino we will broadcast from next and I think players and affiliates will share that sense of anticipation.

What distinguishes Casino Creed from other online casinos that offer live games?

Simple – we only broadcast games from licensed land-based casinos.

You elected to use Microgaming to provide the RNG casino entertainment. What did Microgaming offer that you didn't find in other partners?

Quite simply, we wanted an industry-leading RNG suite to sit alongside our world-class live gaming product. Microgaming has the platform and the pedigree we were after and an excellent team behind the technology.

Branded games, progressive jackpots and an ever-expanding portfolio means best of breed for Casino Creed and more choice for our players. The response from players and affiliates alike has been unanimously positive, which tells us we got the mix right.

What distinguishes Casino Creed Affiliates from other affiliate programs?

We believe that Casino Creed is the future of online casino gaming and our affiliate program reflects this. We offer excellent benefits, a premium service and marketing USPs for our affiliate partners including an industry-pioneering live games tournament feature.

Up to 50 percent commission, no negative carryover and timely payments are just the start. Any affiliate who directs £50,000 revenue to Casino Creed also enjoys an option on a free white-label online casino, courtesy of Casino Creed.

Casino Creed takes the premium live experience one step further, inviting top performers to visit our land-based partners around the world to sample the action from the actual gaming floor of a land-based casino.

You don't offer any poker, bingo or sports betting. Is it more difficult to attract players without the other offerings? Or do you find it easier attracting players with the stand-alone casino?

Casino Creed is a purist casino experience – while CBN’s white-label platform does have full product capabilities, we felt that Casino Creed should showcase the best of RNG and our unique live casino experience.

One thing everyone in the online gaming industry has in common is that their e-mail inboxes are always full. How long do you give yourself to respond to e-mail? And what e-mail management tips can you offer?

At Casino Creed our team endeavor to respond to all e-mail and inquiries as quickly as possible. We aim to provide a prompt and satisfactory response, and offer IM support for immediate or further assistance. Personally, I’m attached to the BlackBerry so no e-mail sits around for very long!

One way to keep affiliates happy is to pay them on time. What steps has your program taken to ensure that they’ll be paid on time? And when do your payments go out?

We can meet any affiliate’s payment requirements and expectations by paying monthly through one of four channels: bank transfer, postal cheque, into a account or via Moneybookers the first week of the month, with no negative carryover!

You’ve been in the iGaming industry since 2004. How has the industry changed (besides the UIGEA) from the time you started to now? What are the biggest changes? And where do you see the industry headed in the next couple of years?

The industry is certainly more competitive and that has in turn driven innovation – a key reason for my own involvement in founding CBN Gaming, incidentally. Elsewhere, strong growth in the present environment is a great indicator of things to come. That said, pending legislation in the U.S. in particular is both an opportunity and a threat, but I believe global growth will nonetheless prove to be sustainable. As more land-based brands enter the online space I do see massive potential for CBN Gaming’s business model.

What advice do you have for someone just starting in the industry?

If you’re going it alone, then buckle up, expect anything and prepare for everything!

How does a person who went to university in Argentina end up getting his MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel?

Dual citizenship, a love for both countries and an open mind!

How does life in Argentina compare to life in Israel?

It doesn’t! Two great places but very different lifestyles – I miss Boca Juniors, maté and “Alfajores.”

People in the online gambling industry have been known to party. What’s your best party story?

Bamboo, in Bucharest, played host to the official launch of Casino Creed recently. That story is staying in Bucharest!! You can, however, take a glimpse at Thanks to those affiliates that made it a great party – the first of many!

What’s the best movie food?

A cold Cisk beer – reminds me of good times in Malta.

What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?

Bringing Down the House. Great story, a good read and right up my street.

What is your favorite movie?

This may sound a little cliché but it would have to be Ocean’s Eleven. It was the original and the best out of the Ocean’s series and it just blew me away. The Bellagio is one of my favorite casino venues, and the film captured its grandeur beautifully. It was a truly gripping movie with a great cast, and it really toyed with my love for the whole casino experience. I remember sitting back watching it and thinking this is definitely the business I want to be in!

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

David Gray – “Breathe” – his talent is incredible.

If you could change one thing about the online gaming industry, what would it be?

The general misperception that it is not highly regulated.

If you could have dinner with three other people, living or dead, who would they be?

Steve Wynn, Calvin Ayre and Donald Trump – fireworks!

What are three things that no one knows about you?

I was a competitive triathlete, I hate tomatoes and I only eat Kosher food.