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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series -- Paul Art -- Superior Share

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    What distinguishes Superior Share from other affiliate programs?
    Definitely our team. We're all online gaming veterans who decided to create a team that was built based on trust, commitment to our business vision and our personal goals, all of which enabled us to create an outstanding brand for premier online entertainment.

    What makes Superior Casino a special brand that affiliates will want to promote?
    Our vision has always been to make Superior Casino a worldwide renowned brand. That's why we've launched our new site in seven languages and it's now available in multi-currency action, including euros, British pounds, South African rands and of course American dollars. We're currently working on launching our software in multiple languages as well.

    The other key area that we need to look at is our very personal touch in our service for players and affiliates. I am proud to say we have one of the best Casino Manager/Hosts in the industry. On the affiliate side, anyone working closely with me knows that I put a lot of energy and love in what I do. I enjoy getting to know new people and above all, to strengthen human and business relationships with every single partner and customer.

    Promoting Superior Casino is a unique experience if you let us work closely with you. We guarantee your efforts will be well remunerated.

    In the forums, there has been a great deal of discussion about what types of bonuses convert best. What types of bonuses provide the best conversion rates?
    It all depends on the traffic you are targeting. Some traffic converts better with solid old-school bonuses such as a 100% match bonus. However, many other sources of traffic convert better with big percentage figures and non-cashable bonuses which give the players more cash to play and hence more playtime at the Casino. This is why you have to be very careful when choosing what promotions to provide your partners and be smart enough to know when your offerings are inefficient with regards to the type of traffic you are receiving.

    You recently struck deal with Rival that enables Superior Share to handle its own bonus abuser screening. Why did you make this deal and what does it mean to affiliates?
    We have struggled for this since I started with Superior Share and as you know, this is a very delicate area. Our main purpose with this move is to make sure our players receive the fairest treatment in our casino. We obviously have a system that monitors suspicious transactions and behaviors, however, we feel it's fair to review each account individually and make sure we look for our players and our affiliates in every single case and take a decision based in our experience and judgment regarding every person.

    How long have you been in the online gambling industry? Why did you decide to enter the field?
    This could sound a bit... precocious, but I am 26 and I've been involved in the gaming industry since I was 18 with a few stops I've taken to travel, which is my other passion.

    I started working in the Security Department for an RTG outsourcing operation as soon as I finished high school. This was clearly a great opportunity for me as a young guy with no laboring experience. At that moment, the whole environment within the company that I used to work for was unbeatable. I spent some time in the Security Department, Retention and Customer Service area since I was very good at dealing with customers and running campaigns to retain players. [Then] I was offered to work with affiliates. I swear I didn't know a thing about the affiliate world when I entered it, however, since the first day I felt something special within this area of the online gambling world. I am very good with personal relationships. I can hardly remember having trouble with anyone, anywhere in life. I am a really easy going person, honest and with truly good intentions towards humanity. I also studied business management and marketing so... this brings me to the conclusion that it was the perfect mix to fit in the affiliate manager role.

    If you wish you knew one thing about the industry before you entered it, what would it be?
    Probably that this is not a hidden and prohibited world as many would still imagine it is.

    What advice do you have for someone just starting in the industry?
    I'd tell this person that the online gambling world is way more than bets and free chips. It's about a whole world of business opportunities, an aggressive marketing atmosphere, an incredible world of software development and entertainment, great people to know all around the world and of course, a lot of money to be done if you know your business properly.

    What is the last book you read?
    Bad timing for this question. Marilyn Mansonís biography. A friend lent me the book and I personally enjoyed it a lot as I am a very wide open-minded person. However, it gets nasty yet also seriously fun and interesting if you really care about understanding the world where we live and what can make a person become such a personality.

    What is your favorite movie?
    Amelie and lately, Zeitgeist Addendum movie. Highly recommended if you are a person looking for a deep change in the world.

    If you could change one thing about the online gaming industry, what would it be?
    Crap operators and software providers who allow crap brands to remain in business.

    What are three things that no one knows about you?
    I spend a lot of my spare time producing music. I enjoy the most humble things, more than fancy and luxurious things. I'll leave the third to my endless hunger to meet new people and new places. This is always an unknown territory and no one knows what's going to happen next, fortunately.

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    Great interview Paulie!! (smile)

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    Great interview, I loved this line of the interview:

    "I swear I didn't know a thing about the affiliate world when I entered it,"

    Does that remind you of a conversation about 2.5 years ago?



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    Hey there Paul! Long time no talk to!

    Nice job on the interview!

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    Hi ya Paul!

    I knew you were one of my favorite AM's for years now, way back with Wager Profits, but i had noooooooo idea what a "honey" you are! LOLLL

    And your so YOUNG!...omg!....I thought you were in your 40's

    I loved the interview and learning some new things about you, its awesome. For any affiliates out there who have not worked with Superior share......Paul is the absolute best, and you can't go wrong working with him.

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