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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series: Pierrick Leveque - Virgin Affiliates

    In this weeks Affiliate Manager Interview Series we talk with Pierrick Leveque, Affiliate Manager for Virgin Affiliates. These fun and informative question and answer sessions are an opportunity to get a personal feel for the people who run the affiliate programs, and we hope they will foster rewarding and productive relationships between GPWA members and sponsors. Please Welcome Pierrick Leveque!

    Could you tell us a little bit about your Program?

    Virgin Games Affiliates has been in operation since 2006. We launched our brand new affiliate software at CAP euro in January. It allows webmasters to promote Virgin Casino and Virgin Poker (Virgin Bingo joining soon) under a single affiliate account.

    We offer a revenue share of 50% commission for two months, then up to 40% thereafter. CPA and hybrid models will make it to the system very soon too.

    Virgin Games is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ltd. Virgin Games, founded in 2004, operates the following sites: Virgin Casino, Virgin Poker, Virgin Bingo, Virgin Skills. As a Virgin company, we strive to provide our customers with the value, quality of service, innovation and -last but not least- the fun that have defined Virgin’s business ethos since the company was created in 1970.

    Since the passing of the UIGEA – what has changed and how has your program adapted?

    Since Virgin Games never took US bets, the effect on our affiliate offer has been quite beneficial, as a majority of affiliates are now trying to diversify their traffic and target new markets. Virgin is well known and trusted in many countries, I guess this makes promoting Virgin Games an obvious choice if you plan to reach out to European players.

    How do you approach working with portal webmasters?

    Promoting a gaming company through affiliate marketing is an investment. My job is to ensure that affiliates feel comfortable investing time and efforts in promoting our brands.

    What percentage of your business is directly attributable to affiliates?

    We launched our new affiliate platform a couple of months ago, and stepped up our affiliate strategy quite recently too, that makes it a bit early to tell. Let’s just say the share is growing exponentially 

    What has the withdrawal of Neteller meant to the industry and your Program?

    It’s been a massive blow to the industry, and it makes our life slightly more difficult.

    What do you hope to accomplish being a GPWA sponsor?

    Affiliate marketing is nothing but a partnership. In the long run, only trust matters. Our partnership with GPWA will help us prove that we are a solid and trusted affiliate partner, and help us spread the good word about Virgin Games.

    What advice would you give to new would-be gaming affiliates?

    Promote with content, promote companies you trust, keep up to date with legal developments in your target markets, reinvest in your business, don’t be a naughty boy (or girl) and steal content from your fellow affiliates. Be honest with yourself and your visitors.

    What sports do you enjoy?

    Football (as in soccer) once a week with the Virgin boys, bit of skateboarding (now -due to old age- limited to trips to the supermarket and downhill in Greenwich Park, London), snowboarding. Rugby and football on TV, Golf on Playstation .

    What makes your program a unique experience for its players?

    The benefits for Virgin Games affiliates are:

    o Trusted brands
    o High conversion rates
    o Up to 40% revshare commission rates
    o Flexible commission models
    o Multiple campaigns tracking
    o Unique affiliate loyalty system
    o Accurate statistics and reporting
    o Prompt and regular payments
    o No negative carryovers
    o Easy to use banner and reporting system

    …while the benefits for Virgin Games players are:

    o Trusted brands
    o Unique loyalty system, loyalty points redemption options include Virgin Atlantic flying club miles, charity donations or Virgin vouchers.
    o Lightning fast payouts
    o Unique Casino games: Cleopatra™ , Monopoly™, The price is right™, etc…and Elvis Multistrike ™ coming soon

    What do you see as the most essential things that an affiliate must be doing today to achieve long-term success?

    To achieve long-term success, you need to think long term. An online affiliate marketing business is like a rolling snowball. Whatever the starting size, it can grow to great proportions provided the path it’s on doesn’t dry up. Fresh content, SEO and reinvestment are key components of this success.

    What has been your favorite place to travel to (for business or pleasure)?

    Mmm…hard to choose. I’d say Alice Springs, Australia (PCIG, years ago) for the landscape, Las Vegas (G2E, CAC) for the Grand Canyon, Toronto (GIGSE) for Niagara Falls, Montreal (GIGSE) for the lovely people of Quebec and Amsterdam (CAC) for….Amsterdam
    Oh, and home too, as an old fashioned haven in an exponentially fast-paced world.

    How you got into the industry?

    By mistake, literally. Back in 2000, between two jobs, I was browsing through job ads in a London evening paper, and came across a job offer in “gaming”. I naively believed this would be for a position in the videogame industry, which is why it caught my attention. I swiftly realized at the interview this was gaming indeed, but with a random edge. I didn’t know you could place bets on the internet at that stage, but I liked the idea of working for an industry I didn’t know anything about.

    What jobs have you had?

    Prior to gaming, various jobs from radio DJ to restaurant manager, via childcare home management and bank cashier. After getting that newspaper job, I started at the casino call centre, answering client calls and emails. Liked the “customer service” bit. Didn’t like the “working nights” bit. Then, within the same company, it was on to call center supervisor. At that stage, the company was expanding at a pretty fast pace, and a lot new opportunities were springing out. I was asked to set up and manage the call center QA department. I headed this for about a year, when I was asked to setup the VIP retention strategy and create the VIP department. Did this for about a year too, before joining the promotions/webmaster team. From there, a leap of faith to affiliate marketing executive, then on to affiliate manager at Vegas Affiliates.

    Why do you like the gaming Industry?

    I really enjoy the fast paced singularity of this industry. Days never look the same. My priority list is about as stable as a camel on a treadmill. I also like the development side of affiliate marketing. I’m very pleased with the affiliate software we built, and even more pleased by the foreseen features and functionalities we will be adding within the next few months. And the yet unforeseen ones too. Watch this space.

    Favorite past times?

    Playing blues guitar, reading, videogames (old habits die hard!), and generally hanging out with my girlfriend and friends.

    In 2008- where do you see this industry?

    I think the industry will change dramatically within the next 2 years. My crystal ball tells me a titan fight lays ahead, between the larger, possibly merged groups that will remain and the US land based companies, who will enter the game (again), and through the front door this time.

    What TV shows you watch?

    I’ve never really been a fan of television in general, but my girlfriend recently converted me to CSI (crime scene investigation) and I have to admit it’s growing on me. I just bought a fingerprinting kit I plan to use at CAC Amsterdam to hone my skills. One can’t pray for a better pool of mischief makers. Beware.




    I was born in La Baule, a quiet seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, south of Brittany, France.
    I now live in London, capital city of a country called England, UK.

    Any other Interests?

    In no significant order: astronomy, physics, sailing, nature, reading.

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    Thumbs up

    Until now I never heard of Virgin Games Affiliates making these interviews all more important.

    Affiliate marketing is nothing but a partnership. In the long run, only trust matters. Our partnership with GPWA will help us prove that we are a solid and trusted affiliate partner, and help us spread the good word about Virgin Games.
    Couldn't be more true Pierrick if you want the good partners on your side. Some programs could care less about trust issues. Eventually it will catch up to them always does.

    Nice interview



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    Thanks for the interview. I will get around to signing up with your affiliate program very soon.

    I look forward to working with you in the very near future.

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    Indeed. Nice to read the word "partnership." Best of luck to you and your program.

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