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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series: Renee and Yaniv - Casino Rewards

    In this weeks Affiliate Manager Interview Series we talk with Renee and Yaniv, your affiliate team for Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates. These fun and informative sessions are an opportunity to get a personal feel for the people who run the affiliate programs, and we hope they will foster rewarding and productive relationships between GPWA members and sponsors. Please Welcome Renee and Yaniv!


    Born and bred in Wollongong, Australia.

    Her interests…
    Renee is not only a keen softballer with a mean right hand fast pitch, but she is a natural athlete who loves the outdoors, beach volleyball and cricket. She’s a whiz kid on the keyboards and can out Google just about anyone in the office.

    Casino Rewards…
    When it comes to affiliates, Renee really knows her game. She’s been with Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates for nearly 2 years and ALL our affiliates love her (some have even requested to have her children). She’s an active member on the forums, is full of knowledge and is constantly keeping up to date with affiliate and gaming. She loves the affiliate game, and loves helping her fellow online buddies earn more $$.

    As an Affiliate Coordinator…
    Always online and ready to chat/help you out with your issues. She is also the fastest email replier in the land of Oz and beyond.

    Three random Renee facts:
    She enjoys Greek food.
    She likes shoes.
    She knows the McDonalds menu off by heart.


    Born and bred in Tel-Aviv, Israel and moved to Sydney, Australia with his family at a young age.

    His interests…
    Growing up in Australia’s famous Bondi Beach, Yaniv loves the surf, the sun and the beach in general.
    He is a geek at heart, coming from a programming and development background.

    Casino Rewards…
    Yaniv has been with Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates for almost 4 years now and loves the gaming industry. Having started out working in the IT/development side, working closely with all departments at CR Yaniv knows the way things work there and is always happy to apply that knowledge further.

    As an Affiliate Manger…
    Always open to affiliate suggestions going by the motto of “I’ll never turn back a creative mind” Yaniv is keen to develop long term, prosperous business relationships with his affiliates.

    Three random Yaniv facts:
    He loves to surf.
    He’ll eat almost anything you put in front of him.
    He does not like to wear shoes unless he has to.

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    some have even requested to have her children
    guilty! ...... as charged

    RA affs have been wonderful to me. Yaniv is the most recent I've encountered and almost wrote this back to him during our last correspondence but thought I'd give the poor man a chance to do something else beside reply to me ... once again.

    But Y: you've again proven to me that RA aff managers are top-notch.

    And R: the offer still stands. I'm in the process of having a womb surgically implanted just in case you ever take me up on the offer

    thanks to both. Be sure to say hello to Brent who I understand is still around ...

    I still run this ad on many of my sites: "My contact with Casino Rewards has never failed to satisfy an issue I've brought to them concerning a player or myself".
    Almost Here! How would you like to be able to get not just one sign up from your player, or even a couple, but every single casino they join from here on? I've a plan that can make that happen and it will likely also tell you every time the player is active within the casino.

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    avoid non paying casinos

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    Thanks for the interview Matt... again.... These are awesome and allow people to become informed about the people that we work with in affiliate marketing within the online gaming industy....

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