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    Default The Affiliate Program Stole My Money

    With regards to the other threads here where an affiliate program is accused of stealing from affiliates, I want to make a point.

    Yes, there have been occasions where some program's tracking has been found to be wanting.

    Yes , there have been occasions where some program's communication has been found to be wanting.

    Yes, there have been occasions where non payment by some programs has been found to be a trait.

    However, there are far too many darn occasions where the program is called a cheat through conclusions drawn based on traffic/success results.

    In the above examples, tracking is tested with a bit of webmaster participation, downloading, and play. Ignored communication is just that, ignored communication. Most of all, non payment is just that, it's non payment. These are simply facts and although the occasional grey area is evident (e.g. wrong mail address used, existing cookies affecting new tracking, and non payment that could be tainted by a mix of poor communication), they generally leave the affiliate program in a weak position to defend. When it comes to results and conclusions though, things are NOT black and white.

    Thanks to Playtech in general, I can see the results my downline achieve. So, I send Casino A 100 visitors for 3 downloads and 1 guest. A sub affiliate however sends them 10 visitors for 6 downloads and 2 real players.

    You know what? It's MY traffic quality that is NOT good enough and NOT the casino that can't convert the traffic I send them. They can only perform based on my good or bad traffic.

    The message?

    Before shouting accusations at programs about how they must be cheating because they did not make you Mega Bux based on the visitors sent, LOOK TO YOUR OWN TRAFFIC QUALITY!!!!!

    Do not expect great results if you sell the freebie concept on your website. If you're found on Yahoo, Google, and Msn for terms related to free play, free cash, and so forth, do NOT expect great results. If you buy cheap traffic in bulk, do NOT expect great results. In short, do not turn to accusations of theft to justify your own poor results. Try changing things yourself and you may just be surprised at the improvement in results.

    Remember that a bad workman ALWAYS blames his own tools.
    Have a wonderful day

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    Default Casino Rewards

    Although I'm not happy with the new stats system and have said so in the private forums and in their forum, there has never been a question in my mind about their honesty.

    They are one of the best programs on the internet, their support is tops of all the programs available, and they stay up to date with regards to promotions and new games. What more could an affiliate ask for? The rest depends on the traffic I provide.

    My thanks to Ryan and Renee for their fairness and wonderful mediation between their affiliates and their management

    Even if I take down those casinos in their list which are not performing as I would wish, there will never be a time when I don't have one or two on my sites.

    This needed to be said, as far as I'm concerned. I'm loyal to people I trust and don't like to see nasty stuff in my webmasters' forum posted about a program with strong ethics by a person who would like to be a member.


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