Free registration for participation in the third Affiliate Series of Poker is now open at the ASOP website

The first ASOP tournament took place at the CAP Euro conference in London this past January, where GPWA member Mikko Lang (screen name: Kosmonaut) was the winner, taking home prizes including $5,000 in cash and the diamond-studded ASOP bracelet. You can read the complete story at

GPWA Member Kosmonaut and his ASOP Bracelet

The second ASOP tournament took place at CAP Spring Break in the Bahamas this past May, where GPWA member Dennis Brown (screen name: Ace Jones) was the winner, taking home the first-place prize of $5,000 and ASOP bracelet. You can read the complete story (and it was quite a story) at

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GPWA Member Ace Jones Wins Final Hand in second ASOP Tournament

Participation in the third ASOP tournament begins with free online qualifying tournaments open to any affiliates attending the CAP Euro in Barcelona where the final 36 qualifiers will fight it out.

And don't worry if you have never played poker before, because you can do all your learning in the online qualifiers as the organizers Aff Club and Affiliated Web Attractions have a total of eight tournaments in which you can qualify so there are plenty of opportunities to get a seat.

Of course, to win the third ASOP tournament, you will also have to outplay Kosmonaut and Ace Jones, who each receive free entry into the third ASOP. They each want a second ASOP bracelet for their other wrist. GPWA member Kosmonaut said "If you are planning to participate, be warned - I won the first ASOP and now I aim to become the first two time winner." And GPWA member Ace Jones is adamant that "I won't go down without a fight in defending my championship!!"

This is a great tournament, and I encourage all GPWA members to participate!