On August 10-12 I attended to my suprise a very informative well organized and pleasurable conference at the Seaport Hotel/World Trade Center in my hometown of Boston, MA. I attended the Affiliate Summit East 2008 for 2 days.

On Monday morning I arrived around 9:45 before the exhibit hall opened. The sign-in process was a breeze. To my delight I received 10 free drink tickets . Before listening to the keynote I took a stroll through the exhibit hall as booths were setting up. The venue was well suited for the event with plenty of space. I attended 3 sessions that day including Content that Kills, Compliance, and How is Social Media Changing Affiliate Marketing?

At the Content that Kills session I listened to and learned valuable incite on developing ways to administer user generated content. A website with a ton of user generated content that was mentioned Buzzilions- I’ve actually been using. Buzzilions is a product review site with a social networking feel. Another site mentioned Wordpress caught my curiosity due to my interest in Blogs and Podcasts. On my radar of things to do is set up a free blog account at Wordpress. The last thing I took from this session was the website I can has cheeseburger. This blog sites alexa ranking is off the chart and receives over 2 million hits per day. For only being live since January 2007, that is very impressive. The user generated content of funny cat pictures where the visitors can engage in using an editing tool makes this interactive blog site very popular.

Walking through the exhibit hall I noticed some familiar faces from CAP and CAC conferences. Our friends from Syntryx, a Forex guy (whose name escapes me), Income Access’s non-gaming arm Share Results, and Oscar from Gaming Dollars. I’m sure some of you work with Oscar promoting Bingoville. I had a great time meeting some new friends at Affiliatefuture.com, ISM, Markethealth, AndyRodriguez, and OfferFusion among others.

I took from Affiliate Summit a great experience along with some new contacts in the affiliate world, including the owner of college.com. Whom I really enjoyed bouncing questions and ideas off during dinner. I also put together new deals for Casino City promoting some gaming related products such as WSOP Academy and Ifunspace. Ifunspace is a very interesting site that acts like a dave and busters online. Customers play for credits where they can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards and ipods.

Really hope to make it to the next Affiliate Summit in Vegas!