Monthly Affiliate Tournament - May 2008

Thanks from Carbon!
If you send us at least 5 signups for the month of May you will have qualified for the May Affiliate Tournament. The or Carbon Poker playing account that you have listed in our system will be issued with a tournament entry coupon and you will be able to log in and register for the tournament.
  • What: Affiliate Tournament - May 2008
  • When: Thursday 29 May @ 19:00 (Carbon time)
  • Where: Tournaments >> Private >> Scheduled
  • Entry: Only with entry coupon


The prizes have also changed with the focus changing to increased revshare for the coming month.
1st - 50% revshare for the following month
2nd - 45% revshare for the following month + $20k coupon
3rd - 45% revshare for the following month

The bounties on the affiliate managers will also change and will now be 2 x $20k coupons to be used as prizes in private tournaments